BRAD DRUITT: Investing Time for Bigger Results

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In this episode of The Outsourced Accountant, Brad Druitt of McCarthy Salkeld discusses the value offshoring has brought to his company over the past three years. Brad has discovered that investing time into proper training and support for new team members is just as important offshore as it is onshore and he shares his advice on creating a winning team.


  • Providing better support to clients
  • Leveraging technology for repetitive tasks
  • Using standard operating procedures to stay on track
  • Managing staff abroad


The best advice is that you have to invest your time with your staff because if you don’t invest your time, they’re not going to work out just like any staff member here in Australia really.

It’s [offshoring] just given us the capacity to actually do more for our clients.

On the value of offshore team members:

The word probably would be indispensable. You know, they support me in a way that I couldn’t really live without them. You know, I’ve relied on them through thick and thin.

On offshore team members:

They’re part of the team and they’re valuable, a valuable asset to the business.

If you can just save yourself five minutes a day, that’ll give you a couple of days extra a year that you’ve got up your sleeve.

On myths of offshoring:

I think the biggest myth that most people think is that it’s just cheap labor and they’re stealing Australian jobs. And that is just absolute garbage because it’s actually supporting our staff here in Australia in providing better service to their clients and it’s totally false, you know, it is cheaper, yes, but we couldn’t employ people in Australia to do the same thing, so I don’t see that as an issue.

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