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The Accounting Industry Is Evolving: Are You Keeping Up?

Accounting Partners, Owners and Directors face a real problem today:

  • With the advancement of cloud technology and offshoring, compliance services have become commoditized and clients are demanding more value for money.
  • Attracting and retaining staff is increasingly difficult. Team members want stimulating and challenging work, but are all too often stuck behind a screen, instead of sitting in front of clients.
  • Firms lack the capacity to scale. Low margin compliance work chews up too many hours, leaving less time for high-margin strategic and advisory work.
  • The good news is that solutions do exist…

How To Grow Your Capacity And Profitability With Accounting Outsourcing

Thousands of accounting, CPA and bookkeeping firms are already embracing global outsourcing, benefiting all stakeholders:

  • Firms are able to deliver compliance work at around one third the cost, freeing up time to focus on higher-value advisory work
  • Local staff are freed up from time-consuming procedural work and are able to engage in more stimulating strategic work with clients…
  • And clients are able to save money on compliance, while benefiting from value-added services that grow their businesses and their net worth…

Everyone wins! But only if you choose the right accounting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner…

Why TOA Global Is The Best Outsourcing Partner For Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms

There are a number of accounting outsourcing options available to firms today.
Here are some of the reasons why The Outsourced Accountant is unique:

  • Accounting Industry Focus

    We specialize in providing qualified CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers and support staff to the accounting industry.
  • Globally Competitive

    With office locations across the globe, we have stellar experience in assembling your global team.
  • Rich Talent Pool

    We provide qualified accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers and support staff in the Philippines who are a dedicated part of your team.
  • Local Account Management

    Our local Account Managers have years of experience helping our clients build highly successful remote teams.
  • Awesome Team Culture

    We take our culture seriously in order to make The Outsourced Accountant an employer of choice and attract top talent.
  • Proven Onboarding Process

    Our 100+ support staff take care of the details, so you can focus on growing your team and serving your clients.
  • World-Class Facilities

    Our facilities have been designed with employees’ comfort and convenience in mind, leading to a more productive team.
  • Ab2 Institute of Accounting

    Ab2 Institute of Accounting is our professional development and learning group to help advance the skills of every team member.

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How The Outsourcing Process Works

Our Global Outsourcing Specialists have helped hundreds of firms to enjoy the capacity and profitability benefits of global outsourcing. When it comes to attracting, hiring, training and retaining a team of A-players, we’ve got you covered.

If you need to supplement your team, we do the hiring, the upskilling and the resource management,
so you can focus on your clients. And we are local, our account managers and leadership team
are on the ground in every country we serve.

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You’re in good company

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