Need an outsourced accountant who understands the North American accounting industry?

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Winner of the LearnX Diamond Award for Best Learning Model – Blended Learning, the TOA Global Accelerator Program is your fast track to North American-trained accounting talent.

Get quick access to regional accounting professionals

Carefully selected for their academic achievements and work experience.
Have undergone 7 weeks of training to better understand the North American accounting industry.
Led by an experienced North American-qualified accountant, based in the United States.

Supported locally by a Philippine accounting trainer.

Who are also Xero, Xero Payroll and Hubdoc certified.

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How you benefit

The Accelerator Program saves you time by providing accountants familiar with the North American. accounting i ndustry – you won’t have to cover regional nuances in their initial onboarding and training.
The accounting function and your firm immediately benefit from the knowledge acquired by Accelerator Program trainees.

Knowledge put to work for your firm

By the end of the TOA Global Accelerator Program, your team members:
  • Understand the North American accounting industry.
  • Understand the purpose and key objectives of North American accountants.
  • Understand all major business entities and their taxation requirements.
  • Are Xero certified.
  • Are accomplished users of Xero Practice Manager.
  • Utilise Xero’s Fixed Asset Registry.
  • Will be competent in Xero Payroll.
  • Use the North American Taxation Agent Portal.
  • Can do general bookkeeping tasks (Bank Rec, AP, AR & Payroll).
  • Confidently complete an Instalment Activity Statement.
  • Confidently complete a Business Activity Statement.
  • Complete basic to intermediate Individual Income Tax Returns.
  • Complete basic Company Tax Returns.
  • Understand other Business Tax Returns.
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  • Standard TOA Global induction
  • North American culture and history
  • Communication expectations for North American employees
  • How to WOW your North American employer and teammates
  • Introduction to North American Accounting
  • Invoicing, receipting, payment processing
  • Bank reconciliations and depreciation processing
  • Balance to Trial Balance and reports
  • Basic payroll processing
  • Ad-hoc duties of a bookkeeper (and how to prepare information for an accountant)
  • North American accounting firms and career progression
  • North American company frameworks and basic business structures (company, partnership, sole trader, joint venture)
  • North American regulations: high-level accounting standards, auditing
  • Standards and tax laws
  • Accounting adjustments, prepayments, accruals
  • Close and reporting: month end, quarter end, half-year, and annual requirements
  • Take the Introduction to QuickBooks Online.
  • Take and obtain the QuickBooks Online Certification.
  • Take and obtain the QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification.
  • Take the QuickBooks Online Payroll Certification.
  • North American tax overview: federal, state, local, and small business taxes – forms, deadlines, and filing.
  • The Internal Revenue Service and how to find information for your clients.
  • Company taxes – EIN, income tax, employment tax, excise tax, property tax, sales tax, and estimated tax.
  • How to prepare business tax information ready for review by a manager.
  • Interview preparation and practice: how to get the role you want and how to start off well with your new TOA Global client/employer.
  • Taxation for individuals: introduction and overview.
  • Individual taxes in the North American: taxation model and what it means.
  • How to prepare individual tax returns ready for review by a manager.
  • Tax recap: individual and business.
  • Recap weeks 1-6, allocation of group presentation projects.
  • 6 group presentations – time for peer review and feedback.
  • Become Xero Advisor Certified and Xero Payroll Certified (if necessary).
  • Final assessment preparation and completion.
  • Next steps, last-minute questions, and program completion celebration.
  • Interview preparation and practice: how to get the role you want and how to start off well with your new TOA Global client/employer.

Qualifications and Skills

All successful accountants will receive a North American Accelerator Program Completion Certificate and become QuickBooks certified and Pro-Connect trained upon completion of the course.



QuickBooks Certified

Winning all round

We provide firms with accountants in the Philippines who are trained to understand the North American accounting industry before they start. At the same time, we empower individuals and grow careers so your firm can grow, scale sustainably and reach its goals.

Accelerate your success

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