Aly Garrett and Lee Duffield: Outsourcing as a catalyst for holistic business growth

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Aly Garrett and Lee Duffield of All In Advisory walk us through their experience hiring an offshore team, what they put in place to make sure both offshore and local team members would benefit from their decision to outsource, and how it has resulted in business growth. All In Advisory offers innovation and business advisory expertise, making it a recognized leader in the tourism industry and cloud revolution space. The practice is based in Kent Town, Australia. 


  • Importance of creating systems and processes 
  • The benefits of having an offshore team
  • Tips for effective communication and monitoring
  • Advice for those who want to take the outsourcing path  


On the tremendous value they’re getting from their offshore team:

We’ve got better return, we’ve grown, and turnaround is much faster because now we have more people helping us to get things moving and out the door. It also allows us to over-resource and provide extra support for our local team so that they can concentrate on their own areas instead of having to sort of work across everything and everywhere.

On how to make an outsourcing journey successful:

 “You have to commit to it and be realistic with your expectations. It’s not going to be this magical fix because you also need to put in the time and effort to make it work, like creating systems and processes, communicating with (your team) on a regular basis, supporting them, and helping them grow. It’s also important to make your offshore team members feel included in your business; don’t treat them as a separate part.

On being open to clients:

They don’t really care whether the work is done by our local or offshore team. What matters to them is the quality of work and consistency that we provide, and how we fulfill our value proposition.

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