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Benefit from brilliant qualifications

All auditors have industry-recognised qualifications and can be further trained and developed through our RTO-registered training division, the Ab² Institute of Accounting.

Typical qualifications and backgrounds include:



Minimum of 3 years’ work experience as an auditor.



Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance or a related field.

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Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.

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Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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Ability to work independently and collaboratively with a team.



Exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities.

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Attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality work.

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Why build your highly skilled offshore team with TOA Global

Each role carefully shaped
and developed

Empowering your staff with role-aligned training and career development through our RTO-registered training division, the Ab² Institute of Accounting.

Support as and when you
need it

Dedicated client support through 24/6 service including live chat and knowledge base articles. Team management, oversight and engagement through a custom-made people management platform.

Sensitive information and data kept secure

Advanced security platforms and training focused on your needs.

Experts in all things accounting and bookkeeping

TOA Global is celebrating 10+ years dedicated to serving the Australian accounting and bookkeeping industry with elite talent in the Philippines.

Whatever the size of your practice you can grow your offshore team at your own pace to match your capacity and costing needs.

A message from our Founder, Nick Sinclair

Our clients have overcome capacity constraints and are maximising business opportunities

“I’ve had rapid growth of clients and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without TOA Global”

“Our office is pretty much at capacity now and it was difficult trying to find accountants to come to the suburbs. I looked at a few options before choosing TOA Global. I liked that they specialized in accounting. I wanted to make sure that they were technologically on top of everything, that they were sizable enough and that they had some runs on the board already. It was also very important that they had a strong ethical approach to the treatment of their staff and that their facilities were modern. The recruitment team are really accommodating and very, very accessible. We’ve expanded our practice rapidly over the last three years. I’ve now got eight staff in Australia and I’ve got three staff in the Philippines. I’ve had rapid growth of clients and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without TOA Global.”
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Bernie Gore
Care Accounting

Getting the right people doing the right work, at the right time and at the right cost can change your business

If you’re a firm with 20 team members locally, and you can scale your team to include 10 global team members, this can put an extra $500,000 into your bank account.

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What your auditor can do

Auditors work with financial audits, assessing internal controls, and delivering insightful recommendations.

Your offshore auditor typically covers:

Documentation Review

Review documentation and evaluate efficacy in covering audit requirements.

Financial Statement Analysis

Analyse financial statements and detect unusual transactions.

Management System Assessment

Assess management systems. 

System Reporting

Report on non-conforming systems. 


Document non-compliance with previous reports.

Entitlements Audit

Audit wages, superannuation (with training), long service and other entitlements.

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International Clients


Elite Team Members


Local Support


Enterprise Grade Security

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At TOA Global, we enable accounting firms to do their best work by supplying resources from our team of top global talent

Accountants: Trained in Australian Standards
Broad Australian accounting expertise. Individual/company tax returns, Xero, BAS, IAS, ATO…
Create business statements, file tax returns, liaise with ATO, and more…
Basic Australian bookkeeping and accounting, Xero, GST, BAS, IAS, Super, ATO, Centrelink…
Accounts payables and receivables, bank and general ledger reconciliations…

Manage schedules, reporting and communications of senior management…

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