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TOA Global accountants are 100% dedicated to accounting so you can concentrate on growing and managing your firm and clients. Decide which roles, skills or tasks you want to delegate to your offshore accountants and your dedicated team at TOA will handle all facets of recruitment, onboarding, training and retention. Outsourced accounting has never been easier.

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Meet a TOA Accountant

Meet Charisse Rivera, a senior accountant with a CPA license based in the Philippines. She graduated from University of Santo Tomas in Manila, with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy.  

For the past 11 years, Charisse has worked with organizations across several industries, including automotive, energy, shared services and accounting. This experience exposed her to best practices in accounting and developed her skills to help clients keep their businesses financially healthy.     

Now as the senior accountant for a Melbourne-based firm, Charisse is sometimes asked for advice. She finds it gratifying when her advice results in a better outcome or goal attainment because it provides her work with more meaning. 

Charisse believes in quality over quantity. For her, doing different things simultaneously and treating them all as equally important invites errors. So she keeps a tight rein on her priorities. 

Wouldn’t you like someone like Charisse on your team?

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Meet Our Talent - Charisse

What you get with a TOA accountant

When you work with us, our talented accountants will become your own remote team members, ready to take on whichever functions your accounting department is ready to outsource.

Your remote accountant will manage all financial transactions, from fixed payments and variable expenses to bank deposits and budgets. Other functions may include auditing financial documents and procedures, reconciling bank statements and calculating tax payments and returns. 

Your accountant will provide accurate quantitative information on financial positions, liquidity and cash flows of your business, while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

See below for a detailed list of accountant functions:

  • Balance sheets

    Manage balance sheets and profit/loss statements.
  • Payables and receivables

    Reconcile accounts payable and receivable and ensure timely bank payments.
  • Financial auditing

    Audit financial transactions and documents to present accurate business transactions.
  • Budget forecasting

    Offer great advice to help you make business decisions based on your financial data.
  • Tax payments and returns

    Compute, prepare and process tax payments and returns.
  • Payment tracking

    Track payments to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Financial reporting

    Receive in-depth KPI reports and financial statements to determine your company’s health and liquidity.
  • Compliance

    Ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance with tax regulations, as well as handle monthly, quarterly and annual closings.

Qualifications and skills

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All of our accountants are highly skilled and access in-house training at Ab² Institute of Accounting to stay on top of their game.

Typical qualifications include:

  • +Degree

    Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or relevant degree
  • +Certifications

    Additional certification (CPA or CMS)
  • +Experience

    Work experience as an accountant
  • +Knowledge

    Excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • +Software

    Experience with accounting software including FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB
  • +Excel

    Advanced MS Excel skills including Vlookups and pivot tables
  • +Functions

    Experience with general ledger functions
  • +Details

    Strong attention to detail and analytical skills

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