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Getting the right people doing the right work, at the right time and at the right cost can change your business

If you’re a firm with 20 team members locally, and you can scale your team to include 10 global team members, this can put an extra $500,000 into your bank account.

How can TOA Global assist your firm?

Increase capacity with global accounting staff that can scale with your firm.

Free up onshore teams to provide more client-facing services.

24/7 enterprise-grade security and leading technologies.

Experienced global accounting professionals with mapped-out career plans.

We've managed remote accounting teams for over a decade.

Find accounting talent trained in the latest Australian standards.

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With over 10 years of exclusive service to the accounting industry, your success is secured.

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What our clients are saying

“It allows us to move away from a compliance model to a value-adding advisory model”

“We started off with one team member with TOA Global. We were so impressed with her that when we were looking to expand our team, we came back. The fact that the team are looked after so well really is important to me and to the rest of my team. We’re able to give the clients what they want. They want things done in a timely fashion and done right. But by doing that it also allows us to do the extra things for them too. It allows us to move away from a compliance model to a value-adding advisory model.

TOA Global has given us, the business owners, more freedom. You’ve been crucial in helping us build a better business and a better life.” 


Michelle Beadle

BJT Business Advisors

“We’ve probably doubled in size”

“We’re very focused on helping clients grow and improve their business. A lot of what we do is bookkeeping, we believe that if we control the data we control the client. So if you can get your bookkeeping right, everything that flows on from there becomes simple. We needed to be able to scale up that part of our business. We haven’t been able to find the people that we need over in Australia, and we’ve been able to find them here in the Philippines. So it’s been a great experience.  The role that our team offshore team play will become an integral part of the business moving forward. Our business in Australia has gone through a phenomenal period of growth over the last 18 months. We’ve probably doubled in size. The [team] that we’ve put on from TOA Global has allowed us to do that. As we bring on more and more clients, we’ll put more and more people on…” 
Robert Koch

Robert Koch

RWK Accountancy

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