Australian-trained Generalist Accountants available to start immediately

Access job-ready outsourced accountants with additional training in Australian standards and practices.

Put your firm on the fast track to delivering the high-quality results you and your clients need today.


Forget the time and hassle of recruitment, we’ve done the hard work for you.

What you’ll get 

Dedicated employees.

Trained by Australian accounting professionals.

Accelerated speed to competency in Australian accounting practices: 260+ hours of training.

2+ years of accounting or bookkeeping work experience.

Degrees in finance and accounting.


Xero Advisor & Payroll Certified


QuickBooks Certified

What Australian trained Generalist Accountants are trained in

Find your perfect fit with experienced talent skilled in end-to-end Australian accounting and bookkeeping practices and requirements. 

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Accelerator TM

Forget the time and hassle of recruitment and weeks of onboarding. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

Offshore all your busy work and up your billable hours with a highly-skilled outsourced accounting team in the Philippines. Each accountant is hand-picked for their qualifications and equipped with the latest knowledge and skills needed in the Australian market.

Highly-skilled, Australian-trained Generalist Accounting professionals

Our Generalist Accountants have undergone intensive training with Australian accounting professionals through the TOA Global Accelerator Program – winner of the LearnX Diamond Award for Best Learning Model – Blended Learning.
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Solve your skilled talent search today.

highly skilled Australian trained accountants and bookkeepers

Get quick access to experienced outsourced accountants trained in Australian accounting practices

Each experienced accountant is trained in Australian accounting principles through a rigorous Accelerator Program. 

If you’re struggling to recruit the talent you need, join 1,000+ clients and add accountants with degrees in finance and accounting based in the Philippines to your local team.

Our clients wish they had outsourced sooner

Awards 2
Winner of the LearnX Diamond Award for Best Learning Model – Blended Learning
Awards 2
Winner of the LearnX Diamond Award for Best Learning Model – Blended Learning

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Improve Profitability

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We’re a global talent solutions provider with over a decade of experience exclusively serving the accounting industry.

We empower large and small firms by finding best-in-class talent at the level needed and in your preferred time zone.

We increase your capacity while also saving you the time and effort it takes to recruit and hire talent.

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