Learning and Development

Your teams benefit from role -based training for faster speed to competency and greater retention.

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Benefit from unmatched team development

We believe that every individual should be empowered to thrive through access to leading education and training.

Why we prioritise learning and development

From our 10 years in the industry, and backed by current statistics, we have seen how opportunities for learning and personal growth have become the primary element that leads to an outstanding work environment.

Moreover, employees who hold their workplace culture in high regard are 25% more inclined to experience job satisfaction and 31% more likely to endorse their organisation as a great place to work.


Top 5 drivers of great work culture

Opportunities to learn and grow*
Support for

*Previously ranked #9 in 2019 -a significant change in only two years.

Source: LinkedIn Learning Workplace Report 2022

How do we do this?

Customised Training
✔ Accounting & Bookkeeping   ✔ Xero Courses  ✔ MYOB Courses  ✔ QuickBooks Courses  ✔ Tax Training  ✔ Success Skills  ✔ Leadership & People Management  ✔ Client Service & Administration 

Through our award-winning, RTO-registered learning division,
Ab2 Institute of Accounting, your team has access to world-class industry training courses.

Upskill in the latest software courses, accounting and bookkeeping qualifications, success skills or leadership courses, tax training or client service and administration courses.

All courses and qualifications are available and developed for your onshore team’s skill and career growth as well.

Role-Aligned Career Pathways

Role-aligned Professional Development Plans (PDPs) are tailored to each role we offer and are designed for specific career outcomes.

These focus on three critical areas: compliance, technical and success (or soft) skills, helping your staff become more efficient, productive and fulfilled in their day-to-day work lives.

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If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch and one of our offshoring experts will take you through our holistic PDP framework.

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Offshore Team Support

You will have free access to our client-exclusive “Offshore Best Practice Course” to expedite your global team creation and set you up for success.

Developed from client feedback and our experience in helping 1000+ international firms build successful offshore teams; this industry first certification will give you the tools and foundational knowledge to achieve successful business outcomes sooner than you expect.

Performance Growth

Your global team benefits from Mid-year Performance Conversations and Annual Performance Reviews to foster growth, provide feedback and alignment and reward performance.

Teams who receive clear feedback and feel valued will thrive and deliver their best work.

How Your Firm Benefits

Competitive Edge

Continuous team development ensures that your accounting team remains up to date with the latest industry technologies and practices, giving your firm a competitive edge.

Improved Staff Retention

A strong focus on learning and growth contributes to better staff retention, as employees are more likely to stay with organisations that invest in their development. In particular, role-aligned Professional Development Plans help employees plan and achieve specific career goals, leading to increased job satisfaction and retention.

Skill Enhancement

Customised training means your staff continually enhance their skills and knowledge, making each team member more effective and efficient in their role.

Increased Productivity

With improved skills and career development opportunities, your team members become more productive, and efficient and contribute more effectively to your firm's success.

Effective Offshore Team Setup

Access to the "Offshore Best Practice" course facilitates the successful establishment of offshore teams, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Collectively these benefits enhance your firm's capabilities, competitiveness, and overall success by nurturing a highly skilled and motivated accounting team.
With TOA Global’s learning and development offering, you and your team can get and stay ahead.

A message from our Founder, Nick Sinclair

With TOA Global your talent options open up

Find and retain the talent you’ve been searching for to fill your capacity need. We receive over 3,000 applications per month for 200-250 roles.

Elite, experienced global candidates

People are the reason we exist and underpin all we do.

We attract top talent to support our clients with exceptional offshore accountants, bookkeepers and more. Each team member is hand-picked for their outstanding qualifications, skills, ambition, engagement and commitment.

Meet some of the team


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