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Ten years in, our vision remains the same:

To improve lives by developing people through knowledge and experiences so that they can pay it forward.

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About TOA Global

TOA Global is so much more than a BPO. We’re a leading global accounting staffing solution for the accounting industry. We have helped over 1,000 international firms grow on their own terms by adding elite offshore accounting talent to their teams. With over 10 years of exclusive service to the accounting industry, more than 3,700 accountants and bookkeepers in the Philippines have found fulfilling careers.


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Meet Nick Sinclair, Founder and CEO

Nick and his team at TOA Global work with more than 1,000 international firms and over 3,700 specialist accountants and support team members. Ten years in, they’re still scaling. Nick is regularly invited to talk on effective people management and global talent strategies as solutions in labor-tight markets, drawn from his experience and conversations with accountants and firm owners from around the world.

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Nick Sinclair

Our Values

We’re committed to providing an excellent company culture and live by these four core values.
Be Awesome
Exceptional individuals = Collective Genius

We celebrate success and progress and also have fun together. Exceptional individuals and team performance are recognised and rewarded.

Keep it Real
We say it. We do it.
We own it.
We are real, accountable, and committed with a preference for open and honest conversations. Compassion, empathy and understanding for all are important values for us.
Bring the WOW
We go the extra mile.
We delight!

We commit to doing our best work and go the extra mile to ensure that we deliver. We don’t just want to satisfy, we want to delight.

Dream Big
Explore. Try. Learn.

We have a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement with ambitious goals to drive results. We have a culture of paying it forward and sharing our learning with others.

Our Story

Explore The Outsourced Accountant’s journey from a specialised service provider to the global accounting staffing solution called TOA Global it is today.

The First Signs of TOA Global

The concept of TOA Global emerged during a board retreat in the Philippines as part of Nick Sinclair’s involvement with the Entrepreneurs Organisation. It was during this retreat that Nick observed the back-office operations of a fellow member’s business while experiencing his own struggles with capacity. This led him to create our first offshore team in the Philippines to support his Australian business.
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From Spare Office Space to Rapid Expansion

Things began to scale after Nick joined a road show called “Capitalising on the Cloud” to share his outsourcing experiences. During the tour, several firms approached him, expressing interest in using his spare office space in the Philippines. This marked the inception of My Cloud People Inc., which initially started with just 20 seats but quickly expanded to accommodate 90 offshore accounting roles. We grew from 30 to 400 seats in about three years.

Focusing on Accountants: A Key Differentiator

Having run his own accounting and financial planning business, Nick recognised the unique needs of the accounting industry and wanted to leverage expertise and resources to provide professional accounting outsourcing services to firms, empowering them to enhance their services and streamline operations.

We have dedicated our efforts to providing for these needs when it comes to building global teams. From office quality and locations to the technology employed, everything was designed with the lens of clients and staff, who are professionals seeking a conducive environment for success.

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The Outsourced Accountant to TOA Global

The exclusivity in dealing solely with accounting firms set the business apart and the name needed to showcase this, and in 2015 we became The Outsourced Accountant.

This name made it clear to our potential clients that we were their outsourced accounting solution. As we expanded this developed into TOA (The Outsourced Accountant) Global as we began to offer more offshore roles that accounting firms require and to multiple nations as demand increased. Our name tells the story of our evolution, from a specialised service provider to a global accounting staffing solution.

Accounting Outsourcing Services: Challenges and Growth

Managing TOA Global’s growth came with its own set of challenges. Finding and retaining the right people who could scale with the company’s expansion was crucial. Not all employees were suited for their roles in a larger, globally expanding organisation. It became evident that continuous development and growth were essential to keep our team aligned with the evolving needs of the company, our clients and staff. As such, learning and development has become an essential element of our approach. In addition, what worked for a company of 650 was not going to take us forward. Digitisation of the business was the next essential step towards ongoing success and sustainability.

The Power of Community and In-Person Engagement

In addition to training, we believe in fostering a sense of community among our clients and team members. We actively engage in the markets we serve, attending events, conferences, and being present in the community. This commitment to in-person engagement is distinctive and helps build meaningful relationships. We’ve even expanded our physical presence, with 9 offices globally: in Fort Worth (Texas), the Gold Coast (Australia), four cities in the Philippines and Cape Town (South Africa). We’re not a remote service provider; we’re actively part of the community and market with our clients.

Staff Set up for Success

Our success hinges on investing in our team’s skills. We believe in their value and have created a registered training organisation that provides international certificates. This program bridges skill gaps, enabling them to serve clients worldwide. Our pioneering seven-week Accelerator Program equips accountants for tasks in the U.S. and Australia. Our 3,700+ team members access professional development plans, boasting international certifications. We don’t stop at certificates; we ensure our team members can use those qualifications in the countries they work in.

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Empowering Through Digital Transformation

Digitising the business has allowed us to provide comprehensive and tailored support to our clients and team members. Over five years, we built something that no one else in the industry has at this level. Our people management platforms centralise communications, providing access to important updates, team training progress, 24/6 assistance through live chat, and time management systems. At TOA Global, we believe that going digital is about helping our clients and team members get and stay ahead, making our offshore accounting and bookkeeping services that much more efficient and effective.

At TOA Global, our journey is driven by a commitment to our clients and team members. We’ve embraced change, and continue to focus on delivering exceptional service while nurturing a sense of community. As we look to the future, we’re excited about the possibilities that technology and human ingenuity can bring to our industry.

The TOA Global Difference

4 Key Reasons Why TOA Global Stands Out in
Outsourced Accounting Staff Solutions

TOA Global is a leader in the accounting industry, offering elite accounting outsourcing services based in the Philippines.

TOA Global’s competitive advantage lies in:


Unmatched accounting industry focus and expertise: 10+ years’ experience

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Role-based training for faster competency and talent retention

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Superior data security

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Excellence in local client support on an international scale

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