Accounting Talent Insights Report 2023

A closer look at the accounting and financial skills pipeline for firms
Alpha John Paul Ayap

Accounting Talent Insights Report 2023

A closer look at the accounting and financial skills pipeline for firms
Alpha John Paul Ayap

A closer look at the ‘critical’ accounting skills shortage in Australia

Australian firms will need more accountants, auditors, bookkeepers and client service team members in the next four years.

Will there be enough practitioners to meet this demand?

Written with the needs of accounting practices in mind, this report takes a look at the current state of the market, pipeline of accounting talent & salary insights for Australia & New Zealand.

Inside, You Will Discover...

Data Analysts Deep Purple 1

Job advertisement trends for accountants in Australia in the past 10 years

Administrators Deep Purple 1

Why it will be tough to meet the huge demand for accounting and finance professionals

SMSF Auditor Deep Purple 1

How to find the highly skilled accounting talent that growing firms need now—without waiting for 2 or more years

“A shortage of accountants has broad implications for the economy. Accountants prepare the financial and non-financial data that businesses and governments rely on to make critical investment decisions. Accountants are critical enablers to the efficient operation of the economy, business growth, and job creation.”
andrew hunter
Andrew Hunter
CPA Australia Chief Executive
“The shortage of supply is exacerbated by a combination of high turnover and growing demand. Accountants have been leaving corporations and audit firms in record numbers, thanks to low morale and early retirement. Though the profession has long known that the retirement of the huge baby boom generation will produce a talent crunch, the crunch has been earlier and tighter than expected because of the Great Resignation.”
Adrian Wooldridge
Bloomberg Global Business Columnist

Accounting Talent Insights Report 2023

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