CHARLOTTE BUNGARD: Building a successful global team

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Charlotte Bungard, general manager of Interactive Accounting, chats with us about steps her firm has taken to ensure outsourcing was going to be successful, interview screening questions, and appointing a local leader for the global team. Interactive Accounting helps its clients build more scalable businesses using cloud-based technology for their given industry. The firm has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.


  • The point of having a workflow meeting
  • Personality matching during the hiring process
  • Whether or not an outsourcing myth is true
  • How outsourcing has benefitted the firm


On engaging the local team with the outsourcing strategy:

How is our team not going to feel like we’re just trying to replace them? … We were very open and honest with them, saying everyone’s job is safe. The reason that we’ve set up this team is because you’re too good and clients want more from us and we need a way we can scale our practice really quickly.

On how the offshore team knows if they’re doing a good job:

We do regular check-ins with them, give them feedback. If there’s an issue we fight it on the spot, we don’t hold it back. We tend to be more proactive about it and say, ‘here’s what happened, here’s what should have happened.

On hiring a global team:

I can’t imagine life without them.

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