JONATHAN & SHANNON BADGER: Global and local teams are pretty similar

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Husband-and-wife team Jonathan and Shannon Badger of Badger CPA talk with us about what led them to embark on their outsourcing journey, the quality of candidates they’ve encountered in partnering with TOA Global, and what an increase in capacity has meant for their business and for them personally. Badger CPA primarily focuses on small to mid-size businesses, and controller and CFO services, with tax planning and compliance layered onto those services. The firm is based in San Antonio, Texas.


  • The experience of hiring an offshore team
  • Tips for managing a remote team
  • Measuring success in an offshore team
  • Myths or objections about having an offshore team – and if they’re true


On hiring an offshore team:

We had a really great experience with the quality of the candidates that were being introduced to us. The quality of the resumes that we were seeing were just world-class, so we were able to interview multiple people who were very qualified for the work we needed them to do and were able to get started relatively quickly.

How offshoring benefits clients:

By creating capacity in our organization, I’ve freed up our account manager, our tax team … We have a 24-hour return on any request or email. I never want anyone to leave because we aren’t responsive. The key players in our organization actually have the ability to interact with our clients on a regular basis, and they’re just not used to that, they haven’t seen it before.

How offshoring has improved work-life balance:

I have four kids, age 8 and under. Our relationship with TOA has directly impacted my ability to spend more time with my kids. And it has allowed us to hire and grow faster than we could if we didn’t have that relationship. It has created capacity in the organization really quickly.

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