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10+ years dedicated to serving the accounting industry with elite talent in the Philippines

What do 10+ years of exclusive accounting experience mean for your practice?

Industry experts who understand your unique challenges and goals.

A deep understanding of the industry's demands, challenges, and evolving trends.

Honed ability to connect your practice with elite accounting talent in the Philippines to fit your needs.

Service that not just meets needs but exceeds expectations.

Empower your team with seasoned accounting professionals:
masters of tax, finance, bookkeeping, and more!

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Each Role Carefully Shaped and Developed

Your teams benefit from role-based training for faster speed to competency and greater talent retention.

Why Learning Matters

In our decade of experience, we’ve witnessed the transformative impact of learning on workplace excellence. Employees who embrace growth opportunities are 25% more satisfied and 31% more likely to champion their workplace. 

Unlock the Power of Learning

Tailored Training

Gain access to world-class industry training through Ab² Institute of Accounting.

Custom Career Paths

Crafted Professional Development Plans (PDPs) for each role, covering compliance, technical, and soft skills, elevating staff efficiency and fulfillment. Connect with us to explore our holistic PDP framework.

Offshore Team Excellence

Access our client-exclusive "Offshore Best Practice Course" for effective global team creation and early business success.

Fuelling Growth

Empower your global team with Mid-year Performance Conversations and Annual Performance Reviews to achieve growth, team alignment, and reward top performance.

Sensitive Information and Data Kept Secure

Advanced security systems, platforms and training focused on your needs

Enterprise-Grade Security and Safety Measures

Security when offshoring is paramount. As such we employ enterprise-grade security to ensure a super-strong barrier for your business data and systems. This means we use leading security measures to guard against cyberattacks and keep sensitive information safe.  
Think of it as a shield that safeguards you from digital threats, ensuring your data stays confidential and your offshoring operations run smoothly.  

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Enterprise-grade security and leading technologies ensure data protection and the smooth and efficient operation of your remote team.  

High-end infrastructure including power and internet redundancy provide added safety and business continuity.

Staff Selection and Training

All staff have to pass a thorough vetting and selection process ensuring each individual meets our character and skill requirements. That is why our clients have complete confidence in their teams. 

Staff are trained and equipped through our in-house cybersecurity training course that covers the latest in data, device, access and end-user security protocols.  


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All employees are issued RFID cards allowing them area access according to role and clearance. 

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Premises are monitored by security personnel and internal spaces equipped with 24/7 supervised CCTV.

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Personal belongings are stored away safely in lockers.

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We prohibit mobile phones, flash drives, and other portable storage devices from entering our production areas.

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As part of the standards, we implement a clean desk policy. No papers and printouts are left lying around and anything containing sensitive information should be shredded. 

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Staff transport ensures your teams arrive safely and in good time.

Support As and When You Need It

Dedicated client support with 24/6 service including live chat and knowledge base articles.

Enhanced team management and engagement through a custom-made people management platform 

24 6 support

You’re Supported Locally 

Clients are supported by a team that understands and works in your local market to provide tailored solutions to fit your firm, with Client Relationship Managers based in our Gold Coast office.   

Your team is supported by dedicated teams who work in: IT and Security, Health and Wellness, Training, Facilities, Employee Engagement, HR, Marketing, Culture, and Client Support.  
Each individual is equipped and ready after a thorough TOA Global onboarding program.  

Ease of team connection and engagement

Benefit from seamless team engagement through custom-made people experience and management platforms.

People Management Platform

Clients can manage teams with ease, get 24/6 support through a live chat and helpdesk, access knowledgebase articles, important TOA Global updates and more.

People Experience Platform

Your staff have access to centralised communications including important TOA Global updates, training resources, knowledgebase articles, live chat and a helpdesk, time management systems, and rewards and benefits.

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With TOA Global’s offshore accounting and bookkeeping staff you and your team can get and stay ahead 

More about TOA Global

TOA Global (formally known as The Outsourced Accountant) has helped more than 1,000 international firms grow on their own terms by adding elite global accounting talent to their teams. More than 3,700 accountants and bookkeepers in the Philippines have found fulfilling careers.

A message from our Founder, Nick Sinclair

With TOA Global your talent options open up

Find and retain the talent you’ve been searching for to fill your capacity need.  
We receive over 3,000 applications per month for 200-250 roles.

Elite, experienced global candidates

People are the reason we exist and underpin all we do.  
We attract top talent to support our clients with exceptional offshore accountants, bookkeepers and more. Each team member is hand-picked for their outstanding qualifications, skills, ambition, engagement and commitment.

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