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As a TOA Global client, you’ll get dedicated attention from our Fort Worth team and onsite support for your TOA Global team.
You’ll find leading a global team easier with our purpose-built platforms.

“We serve the needs of our clients and provide good work for solid talent”

“We wanted to make sure that TOA Global’s technology worked with ours well. For us, this has become a good marrying of the minds in terms of the technology workflows that were already in place and the level of knowledge of the team. We’ve found an incredible relationship and a partner in TOA Global.”

Kurt Grantham

Grosser and Company LLC

“We started with bookkeeping but now they do pretty much the same work our onshore team does"

“It was hard to grow our business when we were so busy with all the client work we had. TOA Global allowed us to bring on some new team members quickly who were very qualified for the work we needed them to do. We had a great experience with the quality of the candidates who were introduced to us.”

Jonathan and Shannon Badger

Badger CPA

"Hiring in the Philippines was the smartest thing we could have ever done"

“We had a really difficult time hiring talent in the U.S. Hiring in the Philippines was the smartest thing we could have ever done. We hired experienced accountants through TOA Global and we showed them how to prepare sales tax returns, do bank reconciliations (actually, they already knew) and registration applications, which sounds administrative but it’s our core business deliverables.”

Dena Oberst

Gable Tax Group

"Outsourcing has given us more ideas of what's possible with team members around the globe"

“We wanted to take some tasks off our senior team’s plates that were bogging people down and just start moving forward. Having a global team expands the possibilities of what you can do. The biggest advantage I have now is getting the time back and having that structure where I’m not two weeks behind on email. It’s just been invaluable.”

Matthew May


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