We provide skilled and specialized offshore resources to 200+ firms in North America

Great people make great firms

With experience from having partnered with many accounting firms across the U.S., including Texas, California, Nebraska, New York, and Florida, TOA’s specialists can create an offshoring strategy especially for your firm.

Your TOA team will then work for you in all facets of recruitment, onboarding, training and retention.

We don’t just provide accountants and bookkeepers

We support all firm needs, including:

  • Payroll

    Use your strategic team members elsewhere by getting a specialist to focus on employee payments, deductions and withholdings in an efficient, ongoing cycle.
  • Accounts Payable

    Supercharge payment of clients’ creditor invoices in an accurate, efficient and timely manner in compliance with financial policies.
  • Accounts Receivable

    Ensure accurate and efficient operations processing and monitoring incoming payments and securing revenue by verifying and posting receipts.
  • Staff Accountant

    A client-focused all-rounder who can prepare and review client financial reports, documents and statements, oversee all financial matters such as tax returns, month-end closures and budgeting, and provide financial advice.
  • Analyst

    Convert data into meaningful insights that transcend compliance work and create real value for clients.
  • Auditor

    Protect client assets by ensuring compliance with internal control procedures and regulations without tying up your strategic team members in minutiae which clients may not understand and therefore value.
  • Mortgage Broking Assistant

    Let your brokers focus on their highest value tasks with a broking assistant supporting them through the lending process.
  • Financial Planning Assistant

    Provide extra support in the development and delivery of financial plans and analysis for clients.
  • Marketing Coordinator

    Scale and optimise your online and offline marketing mix, including email, advertising, design and social media.
  • Client Service Assistant

    Build stronger relationships with your client base. Improve communications and better understand their needs.

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We'll find you great people

Get resources you need now, fast-tracked with our Accelerator Program

Save time on recruiting and onboarding by adding job-ready candidates equipped with skills and knowledge specific to the U.S. market to your team.The new TOA Global Accelerator Program fast-tracks up to 30 accounting job candidates through the completion of U.S.-specific certification training. If you have an immediate need for an offshore accountant, this option is perfect for you.

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