Frequently Asked Questions

When considering offshoring, important questions often arise. Here are the ones we are asked most often.

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Until 2019, TOA Global was known as The Outsourced Accountant.

We provide highly skilled, professional accountants and bookkeepers based in the Philippines to accounting practices that want to increase their capacity, win back their time, and focus on growing their businesses.

Our offshore accounting staff are based in the Philippines. They work in safe, comfortable, fully equipped high-tech offices with secure systems plus dedicated local IT and HR support.

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You only need one team member to start. However, if you know you will need more than one right away, we recommend starting with a small team, so your offshore team members won’t be alone from the start.

Each team member will have a People Service Manager (PSM), whether they work on their own or with a teammate. The PSM will not manage the work the team member does for you but will ensure they get all the support they need at work.

That depends on the level of talent. Most of the time, salaries and benefits will cost one-third of what you would be paying an onshore team member in a similar role.

It can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days to get a team member, but we have seen it happen much quicker, so it is possible they can start sooner.

We do not have any servers to store information. Your offshore team members will be integrated into the systems and software you are already using. Our IT team will also put geo-blocks in place to make your staff’s work even more secure.

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Our team members are trained and experienced professional accountants who can easily translate their skills to the U.S. market. We also have candidates who, in addition to an accounting degree and relevant work experience, have completed 200+ hours of training on U.S. accounting practices and standards.

Our contract protects not only us but our clients and team members as well. There is no lock-in period. We just need a 90-day notice of disengagement.

We do not provide a trial period because it’s important for us that team members feel secure about their employment.

Thousands graduate from Accountancy programs in universities in the Philippines every year. From 2005 to 2021, the average number of accountancy graduates in the country was 13,690 a year. It’s a competitive program that continues to attract a rising number of enrollees.

This can depend on a few factors. Staffing can be cheaper in India. However, India is losing those cost savings due to the Big 4 paying top dollars for all the talent in that country.

With the Philippines, you will receive anywhere from 50-70% cost savings compared to the salaries of American accountants. Let us be clear: TOA Global does not want to pay bottom dollar. We believe in staying in the mid- to high points of the market salary bands for the country.

So, we are not trying to be the cheapest provider out there, while also ensuring great cost savings for our U.S. clients and good salaries for our team members in the Philippines.

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Of course. You’ll decide whether each offshore team member will be client-facing or handle more back-office tasks. That’s entirely up to you and your firm’s needs.

Your offshore team members can also call clients and gather important documents, if you need them to do so.

Absolutely. We want our clients to lead their team. That means you’ll manage the work, approve requests for paid time off, and determine compensation. The only area of control we won’t allow is to underpay a Team Member on their salary rate. You can give whatever bonuses or raises you deem worthy. 

Our startup costs are in place to ensure that we source the best candidates for your firm. We offer accountant-led training that goes beyond what our competitors can do, which means the candidates you’ll meet at TOA Global will generally be more competent and ready for U.S. accounting than what our competitors can provide.

This startup cost will also cover any future replacement of your Team Member.

After 10 years in business, we have defined and perfected what it takes to set an offshore team member and a client up for success. There is a reasonable price to pay for getting onboarding right.

We recommend thinking of tasks that bog down day-to-day work at your firm. That is a good place to start. You can also have your team members work on their training, so they can better assist you in the future.

You can assign them any tasks you choose but please make sure these are work-related.

You have to disclose when team members are working on tax matters.

There are a couple of answers. First, we believe data security is important. So, the fewer people who have access to your clients’ data, the more secure it will be. Your offshore team member will be the only person who can see your clients’ data.

The other reason we don’t have a manager is that our model is to provide you with a team member for the long term.

Generally, a business model that provides a manager overseeing the team does not encourage the staff that’s doing the work to stay. Instead, the business just focuses on retaining their manager so they can keep retraining new replacement staff for the client, while the team members continue to churn every 12-18 months.

That model provides no consistency in the level of work being done.

Our team members work out of worldclass offices that are comfortable, safe, and very nice, if we may say so ourselves. There’s an on-site clinic and enough room for recreation or rest during break times.

They speak English fluently.

You can talk with your team members via MS Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet—whatever works best for you, your practice, and your onshore team.

Our Talent Team screens and interviews candidates thoroughly, so we can choose the most qualified professionals for you.

If, for some reason, your offshore team member fails to meet your performance standards in their probation period (the first six months, upon hiring), we can replace them with someone who will be a better fit.

There are 12 to 14 public holidays—not that far off from the 11 holidays the U.S. has in a year.

You will receive an invoice and pay TOA Global once a month. You can pay using debit, credit, or electronic fund transfer.