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Your team works in safe, comfortable, fully equipped high-tech offices with secure systems plus dedicated IT and HR support.

We provide outstanding benefits, including team building, healthcare, rewards and lifestyle advantages.

people support

We provide the best of everything your staff need to succeed 

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At the heart of our organization's success lies a profound belief: people who feel valued make invaluable contributions.

As such we invest heavily in supporting your people to ensure that every individual is empowered to thrive.

Locally supported

Your team is supported by dedicated teams who work in: IT and Security, Health and Wellness, Training, Facilities, Employee Engagement, HR, Marketing, and Client Support.

Each individual is equipped and ready after a thorough TOA Global onboarding program.

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Ease of team connection and engagement

Benefit from seamless team engagement through custom-made people experience and management platforms.

People Management Platform
Clients can manage teams with ease, get 24/6 support through a live chat and helpdesk, access knowledge base articles, important TOA Global updates and more.

People Experience Platform
Your staff have access to centralized communications including important TOA Global updates, training resources, knowledge base articles, live chat and a helpdesk, time management systems, and rewards and benefits.

Strategically located, leading workspaces

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Each office location is strategic in prioritizing staff well-being and productivity by cutting commute times and encouraging workplace pride. This contributes to how we attract and retain elite talent.

Workspaces are custom-built for accounting industry firms. Your teams enjoy spacious, comfortable open-plan offices with ample natural light, as well as dedicated client suites for greater privacy.

More than a third of each location is dedicated to areas where your teams can recharge and refresh, including a medical clinic, breakout and chill rooms, a café and pantry. 

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>1/3 of office space is dedicated to recharging
and refreshing
Manila, Philippines
Clark, Philippines
Tarlac, Philippines
Cebu, Philippines

Security and safety

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Staff transport ensures your teams arrive safely and in good time. Premises are monitored by security personnel and internal spaces equipped with 24/7 CCTV, while staff effects are stored safely
in lockers.


Enterprise-grade security and leading technologies ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your remote team, with high-end infrastructure including power and internet redundancy for safety and business continuity.


Staff are trained and equipped through our in-house cybersecurity training course that covers the latest in data, device, access and end-user security protocols.
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Rewards and recognition

Acknowledging the valuable contributions of your teams is so important, as such, top performers receive recognition and enjoy benefits.

Sense of belonging

Inclusion and engagement are strengthened through team building, our annual year-end party, community outreach programs and other key bonding activities.

Health and wellness

Staff are provided with health and wellness programs, on-site clinics and free vaccines. A lifestyle program offers discounts and perks with partner companies to further encourage health and wellness.
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Learning and development

Your teams benefit from role-based training for faster speed to competency and retention.


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Government requirements

Our locally-based compliance experts ensure compliance with all local labor law requirements with little to no extra work on your end. TOA Global is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (Philippines) and is compliant with local government regulations. We manage the taxes, government health benefits, as well as government housing fund and social security of your global team members.

With TOA Global’s offshore accounting and bookkeeping staff you and your team can get and stay ahead 

A message from our Founder, Nick Sinclair

With TOA Global your talent options open up

Find and retain the talent you’ve been searching for to fill your capacity need.
We receive over 3,000 applications per month for 200-250 roles.

Elite, experienced global candidates

People are the reason we exist and underpin all we do.     We attract top talent to support our clients with exceptional offshore accountants, bookkeepers and more. Each team member is hand-picked for their outstanding qualifications, skills, ambition, engagement and commitment.

Meet some of the team

Anna Marie Tan

U.S. Tax Associate

Kadesh Montejo

Certified Public Accountant

Insights from our clients

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