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Unlock Your Firm’s Potential with Strategic Outsourced Accounting Services

Boost Capacity. Maximize Productivity. Accelerate Growth. 

Vast U.S. accounting expertise: taxes, IRS, QuickBooks, personal/corporate returns…

Audit for compliance, create management reports for stakeholder insights…

Drafting and completing U.S. income tax returns, IRS, financial statements/report…

Accounts payables and receivables, bank and general ledger reconciliations…

Manage schedules, reporting and communications of senior management…

The TOA Global Difference

Build a flexible, scalable outsourced accounting team to align with your firm now and as you grow

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Crush the Talent Crisis

Outsmart your competitors by adding highly skilled accounting professionals to your firm faster.

Permanently increase your firm’s capacity with a dedicated outsourced accounting team in weeks, not months.

Access Elite Professionals

Discover a hidden pool of elite accounting talent ready to enable your firm’s growth with additional capacity.

Build a dedicated team of highly skilled outsourced accountants and bookkeepers for your firm today.
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Focus on Growth

Give your team the freedom to focus on delivering strategic growth for your firm rather than drowning in non-essential busy work.

Prioritize critical tasks essential to your firm’s long-term success while your outsourced accounting team manages routine tasks.

Save Thousands on Staff

Reduce headcount costs by up to 66% to increase your firm’s profitability while adding more capacity to service new clients.

Access top-tier outsourced accounting talent to complement your existing team for far less than hiring equivalent local team members.
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Boost Client Experience

Position your firm as an industry leader by delivering the experience your clients deserve with enhanced response times.

Leverage the power of an outsourced accounting team to build more efficient workflows and accelerate turnaround times for clients.

Elevate your firm’s success with the global leader in outsourced accounting services

Discover how our accounting outsourcing services will enable your firm to secure the right talent and simplify retention, training, and growth:

Elevate your firm’s success with the global leader in outsourced accounting services

Discover how our accounting outsourcing services will enable your firm to secure the right talent and simplify retention, training, and growth:

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The TOA Global Difference

Accounting outsourcing services designed for US accounting firms

Exclusively accounting talent

TOA Global is celebrating 10+ years dedicated to serving the US accounting and bookkeeping industry with elite accounting outsourcing services.

Trust the industry leader in outsourced accounting talent to add highly skilled team members to your firm in less time.

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Each role carefully shaped for your firm

Empower your new team with role-specific training and career development through our Registered Training Organization, the Ab² Institute of Accounting.

Choose the accounting outsourcing partner dedicated to training, growing, and retaining elite talent for your firm. 

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Dedicated support when you need it

Access dedicated client support 24/6, including live chat and knowledge base articles. Team management, oversight, and engagement tools are available through a custom-made people management platform.

Guarantee your outsourced accounting team’s success with custom-made tools designed for distributed global teams.

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Enterprise-grade security for total confidence

Protect your firm’s reputation and data with enterprise-grade security to guard against cyberattacks and keep sensitive information safe. Access advanced security platforms and training focused on keeping your firm’s information secure.

Ensure that your clients’ sensitive information and data are always secure with the leader in accounting outsourcing services.

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International Clients


Elite Team Members


Local Support


Enterprise Grade Security

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