TOA Global appoints new General Manager of Talent


Shandell Riley joins leadership team to lead global recruitment strategy that amplifies client and business success 

TOA Global is pleased to kick off the new year with the appointment of its new General Manager of Talent, Shandell Riley, effective January 12, 2022. Bringing a wealth of experience to TOA, Shandell will be responsible for the company’s global recruitment and further developing the talent footprint to ensure the company’s overall growth. Under her leadership, she will drive the strategy to attract, nurture and retain top industry talent which is essential to amplify client success.  

Shandell has over 25 years of leadership experience in the design, build and implementation of talent acquisition strategies, strategic sourcing, talent, and diversity development, as well as leveraging workforce analytics to sustain growth. 

“I am super excited to join and support TOA Global to help drive innovation and strategic focus around acquisition, transformation, and management of talent as these are the critical anchors for growth and sustainability,” says Shandell.  

Shandell is based in TOA Global’s Gold Coast head office reporting to TOA Global Chief Customer Officer, Kelly Segat. Commenting on Shandell’s appointment, Kelly says: “In a time where talent is the most sought-after commodity, we are so very excited to have Shandell join us. She brings with her such breadth and depth of experience in the talent space. This will enable us to truly level up and drive the talent strategy that will future-proof growth for both TOA and our clients.”