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Accounting Firm Tech Stack Guide: Tools for a Cohesive Tech Ecosystem

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Be honest; when was the last time you had a good look at your firm’s tech infrastructure? Do they make your life easier and improve efficiency? Do they collectively create a cohesive tech ecosystem that adapts to how you work and not the other way around?

In this blog, we’ll help you build the ultimate accounting firm tech stack that would enable your firm’s success.

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Accounting and technology have never been more intertwined. Every aspect of running an accounting practice today involves some degree of digital input.

From spreadsheets to blockchain to AI, modern tech is reshaping the accounting profession faster than ever before.

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That’s why it’s vital to have a solid accounting tech stack to survive, and ultimately, thrive in today’s highly tech-dependent and ultra-competitive business landscape.

This blog is your ultimate guide to building a future-ready accounting firm tech stack that will put your practice in the best position to succeed.

But first, let’s get the basics out of the way.

What is an Accounting Firm Tech Stack?


An accounting technology stack or ‘tech stack’ refers to the collection of digital tools for accountants specifically designed to simplify, accelerate, or automate accounting workflows.

This can include various types of accounting software solutions, such as practice management and workflow automation platforms, general ledger and tax preparation software, client relationship and payroll management systems, data management and analytics, and other relevant tools.

58 v2%

58% of accountants believe technological advancements have made their jobs significantly easier.

Why it’s Important to Build the Right Tech Stack

Your firm’s tech stack can make or break your business’s overall viability. As integral parts of your day-to-day functions, these tools can either enhance your productivity and efficiency or bog you down entirely.

However, the benefits of having a solid accounting tech stack extend beyond your business and professional life.

From a personal perspective, a cohesive tech ecosystem improves your quality of life by eliminating dreadful manual work and accelerating your processes, allowing you to reclaim time for yourself and your loved ones.

That’s why regardless of your role in your firm, whether you’re a partner, an intern, or an independent practice owner, it pays to assess your tech infrastructure. 

However, as more accounting software solutions flood the market, choosing the best fit for your firm is becoming increasingly more challenging and, at the same time, crucial. So, how can you avoid getting lost in a sea of software options and build the best accounting firm tech stack that enables your practice’s success? 


The accounting software market size is expected to grow from $19.74 billion in 2024 to $30.66 billion in 2030. 

Things to Look for as You Build an Accounting Tech Stack

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Although there’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, we’ve identified four key characteristics most sophisticated accounting tools have in common. This should serve as your north star when choosing individual software systems for your accounting tech stack.

Accounting Tailored Features

Generally, it’s wise to choose software that’s purpose-built for accounting firms and professionals. Specialized accounting software often comes standard with accounting-specific features like tax preparation and financial reporting. 

Enhanced Usability

Besides specialized features, the next thing you should immediately scrutinize a software solution for is its usability. Sophisticated software should strike a balance between being feature-rich and user-friendly. So, make sure to take advantage of free demos to get a feel for the user experience.

Seamless Integration

Different areas of practice operations require specific types of software solutions; thus, you’re bound to implement multiple systems to meet varying needs and functions. To streamline your processes and eliminate manual data transfers, it’s crucial to choose software that seamlessly integrates with your other software systems and existing workflows. 

Security and Privacy

Given the confidential nature of the data accounting firms handle daily, security and privacy should always be on your software feature priority list. This is one of the reasons why choosing tailored solutions will bode well for you since most specialized accounting tools tend to implement more robust cybersecurity and data privacy measures compared to generic ones.

18 9%

With an 18.9% share of all cybercrime incidents, the finance sector is the 2nd most vulnerable industry to cyberattacks.


Unfortunately, scalability is a software characteristic that often gets overlooked. However, it is vital for future-proofing your firm. You must ensure that the tools making up your accounting tech stack can adapt to your changing needs and handle increasing demands as your firm grows. Otherwise, you are bound to run into bottlenecks and slowdowns. 

Top Accounting Software Solutions

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Here are our top recommendations for the best accounting software solutions to make up your accounting firm tech stack. We’ve derived this list from our over 10 years of experience providing elite accounting outsourcing services to over 1,100 clients worldwide.

In other words, we didn’t just stumble across this list on the internet; our clients have used and continue to use these software solutions to enable their firm’s growth. The TOA Global difference doesn’t just end with our best-in-class staffing solutions; you also gain access to our vast network of trusted technology partners.

We’ve broken this list into 7 categories: 

  1. Automation and Workflow
  2. Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
  3. Finance and Payroll
  4. Protection and Security
  5. Systems and Services
  6. Sales, Marketing, and CRM
  7. Team Communications

Automation and Workflow

Jetpack logo

Jetpack Workflow is a software solution designed from the ground up for accounting firms and professionals. Its tailored features promise to solve project management challenges and workflow inefficiencies so you and your team can focus on client work and business growth.

It also easily integrates with other accounting software systems, allowing users to effortlessly jump between platforms for a seamless, hassle-free multitasking experience.

logo 438x155a

FuseWorks is a workflow automation platform designed to empower accounting firms to work smarter. Their flagship products, FuseDocs and FuseSign, automate and digitize repetitive admin tasks like document compilation, formatting, sharing, and signing.

ProSpend formerly expressmanager

Want to have a better grip on your firm’s expenditures? ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) helps your firm better manage your budget and payables by consolidating all your expenses in one place.

Its modular design offers next-level customizability and flexibility, allowing users to pick and choose the features that best fit their current needs.

62afb0c750108801d22f2382 paytron logo

Paytron is a finance automation solution for modern accounting firms. Say goodbye to the hassle and costs of maintaining multiple systems and bring your entire cash flow data into one comprehensive platform.

From fund management and budget control to making and receiving global payments, Paytron makes managing your firm’s financials a breeze.

atomate (1)

If you find processing ATO documents a hassle, ATOmate can be a game-changer for your practice. Directly integrated with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), ATOmate eliminates manual ATO documentation workflows, including document capture, processing, verification, and distribution, simplifying compliance, minimizing errors, and saving you from hefty fines.

fyi logo

Still storing your firm’s essential files on a physical, on-site server? Transform how you handle your firm’s documents with fyi.

As a cloud-based document management platform, fyi cuts the time you spend on compliance and admin work by half, giving you more time to focus on business-critical tasks.

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

SF360 White 01

BGL offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed to automate corporate compliance, investment management, and SMSF administration.

BGL’s AI-powered, cloud-based SMSF administration software, SimpleFund 360, simplifies critical accounting functions. It includes advanced features like data analytics, automated annual tax statements, fund transfers, accounting workpapers, an AI document reader, and a dedicated TBAR management dashboard.

LOGO (2)

Class Super is Australia’s first cloud-based SMSF Administration Software. With powerful features like journal and tax statement automation, seamless data feeds, automated reporting and client servicing tools, and an automated TBAR console, Class Super simplifies SMSF administration for accountants, advisors, and trustees alike.

Finance and Payroll

ADP logo

ADP is a comprehensive HR software system with a robust payroll solution for businesses of all sizes.

The platform also offers a complete suite of HR management tools like employee and business performance reviews, time and attendance tracking, and data analytics and reporting.

2022 QF Logo 1cK web Final

QuickFee is a payment solutions provider helping accounting firms improve cash flow with customizable solutions that get you paid faster without putting a heavy financial strain on your clients.

What does this mean for your business? QuickFee saves you from late and default payments, allowing you to maximize revenue while building stronger client relationships.

Protection and Security

Practice Protect

Practice Protect is a cybersecurity platform designed for accounting firms. Its built-in tools are tailored to provide essential protection for sensitive financial data, ensure compliance, and enhance client trust.

It offers features like password management and multi-factor authentication to fortify digital security. Even if you have outsourced accountants based in different parts of the world, Practice Protect’s robust risk mitigation mechanisms give you the peace of mind to expand your firm and operate remotely.

Systems and Services

952b71 e222f64a0f324bc19ad6334081334481~mv2

LightYear Docs streamlines legal document creation with over 200 customizable templates, covering everything from contracts to agreements.

Tailored for small to medium enterprises, LightYear Docs allows you to process complex legal documentation requirements for your clients faster and more accurately, saving your firm time and money while ensuring compliance.


QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting software designed to simplify financial management for businesses. It offers tools for invoicing, expense tracking, payroll, and reporting.

Tailored for businesses of all sizes, QuickBooks streamlines accounting tasks, ensures tax compliance, and provides valuable insights to drive business growth. Its user-friendly interface makes it a suitable shared platform for accounting professionals and their clients.


Corpay is a financial technology company specializing in automated bill pay and expense management solutions for businesses. Their platform helps streamline the accounts payable process by automating invoice capture, approval workflows, and payment execution.

Corpay aims to simplify and optimize financial operations for businesses, saving time and reducing manual errors in the accounting process.

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relations

Hubspot logo

HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions for customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, and sales. Although not specifically designed for accounting firms, many practices utilize its tools to attract prospects, convert leads, and engage customers.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes, HubSpot helps streamline marketing and sales processes, improve customer interactions, and drive business growth.

Team Communications

Microsoft Office Teams (2018–present) svg

Microsoft Teams is a messaging platform with video conferencing, and file and screen sharing features.

Aside from its integration with all Office 365 apps, Teams also integrates with major digital tools for accountants making it an ideal addition to your accounting firm tech stack.


Although Slack and Teams offer similar functionalities, each platform has distinct features and value propositions that separate them from each other.

Slack is more of a chat-based, productivity platform that puts more emphasis on project or task collaboration. However, just like Microsoft Teams, Slack also offers video conferencing, file and screen sharing, and integrates with some popular accounting software solutions.