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Customer Spotlight: Get Rapid Growth By Hiring The Right People

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Care Accounting has come a long way in its offshoring journey with The Outsourced Accountant. Thanks to an incredibly hard-working staff, Bernie Gore has seen her firm experience pretty rapid expansion in the last three years. From working out of her bedroom, Bernie now has teams both in Australia and the Philippines, is about to introduce a bookkeeping arm, and a growing staff both here and Australia.

“They’re fantastic. They’re really good, accommodating, and delightful. They’re welcoming and really look after me.”

What were the motivations to try offshoring?

  • There’s not really any additional area there for expansion
  • It was difficult to find accountants willing to work in the suburbs
  • There was a need to stay relevant as an accounting firm

What were you looking for in an offshore provider?

  • One that’s predominantly just for accountants
  • Partner that has a strong ethical approach to the treatment of employees
  • Good facilities and competitive pay

What do you love about TOA?

  • Process is efficient and really good
  • There’s been a lot of touch points
  • Recruitment is a swift process and the team is always super accommodating
  • Provided access to a really good pool of candidates

What are the best things about your offshore team?

  • They enjoy coming to work
  • They enjoy working with the people around them as well as their clients
  • Very accommodating

“They’re an integral part of our practice and that’s what we really wanted to do.”

Working with an offshore team has helped Care Accounting experience rapid growth in clients. They’ve improved capacity so much that they’re now introducing a bookkeeping arm. If your firm is experiencing capacity problems and you want to have a reliable offshore team to help you add high-value services, then book a free 1-on-1 consult with us. Our business development managers will discuss with you the many benefits of building an offshore team.