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Client Satisfaction: The Art Of Keeping Customers Happy

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Progressive accounting firms are those that have mastered the art of keeping clients happy.

Client satisfaction is a vital ingredient for success. That’s because satisfied clients are happy clients. And happy clients are less likely to leave. Furthermore, they are more likely to avail of added services or provide referrals.

Keeping Clients Happy Is An Art

Retaining good business will require careful planning and impeccable execution. You don’t just acquire clients and let them be. You’ve got to be proactive because it’s very likely that it’s the deliberate efforts to meet their expectations that clients are going to notice more than what you do for them.

Why? It’s because clients value proactive accountants. They want you to be on top of things; to be several steps ahead. They want you to be the trusted advisor; to establish a relationship where they can count on you to take care of the financial aspect of their business.

And when you’ve done that, when you’ve taken the right steps to not only to meet their expectations but also made them feel that their business in your priority, you’re going to retain their confidence.

You Are More Than An Accountant

Improving client retention relies heavily on your ability to become a proactive accountant. Go above and beyond what’s expected of you. Be someone they can trust to take care of their affairs.

The traditional accounting model had accountants wait until the end of the year to get things done. Things have changed. Now, clients need real-time information to make good business decisions. Doing this makes you the trusted advisor because you deliver more value.

How can you become proactive? Watch this video:

Provide Superior Service

Speaking of delivering value, client satisfaction starts with delivering quality service. Clients whose expectations are met are naturally going to be happy. And they will come back for more.

Here are some more tips on delivering more value to clients:
Four Ways To Deliver Quality Service To Clients
Improve Employee Engagement
Automate Your Processes
Switch To The Cloud

Successful Communication Bolsters Success

As with any relationship, successful communication is crucial to getting things done. In an accountant-client relationship, the frequency and quality of communication will play a vital role in determining the success of your firm.

You can measure the strength of your relationship with the client by taking a look at how often you communicate with them. Prior to officially working together, you’re going to come to an agreement as to when and how often you’ll talk to the client.

You need to stick to that and make sure to get the most out of every occasion. Whether through vis-a-vis or virtual meetings, you have to be always on your A game. Show your client that you’re eager to talk to them to discuss progress and identify areas of concern. Be clear with any requests and make sure that your client is abreast with what’s going on with their finances.

Most importantly, make sure that in each meeting, your clients feel comfortable. It is important that they are confident that you are doing your job. This will establish trust. And if you show them that you care, they’re more likely to stick around and, eventually, give you referrals.

It is in every firm’s best interest to keep customers happy because satisfied customers are among the best assets of a business. Implementing measures to ensure this will guarantee your firm remains profitable and continue to grow.