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Client Exclusive Offer

Offshore Best
Practice Workshop

Unlock seven keys to setting up and running a successful outsourced accounting team

offshore best practice workshop

Fast-track the successful setup of an outsourced accounting team

Developed from client feedback and our experience in helping 1000+ firms build offshore teams, we created the Offshore Best Practice Certification.

Uncover the foundational knowledge and tools required to maximise onboarding and work efficiently with an offshore team while adding certified value to your firm’s offering.

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What will the workshop cover?

The Offshore Best Practice Certification covers seven keys to offshoring success;






People Management


Learning outcomes

Identify the dos and don’ts of hiring offshore team members

Understand how the process of offshoring tasks provides greater responsibility and growth for local team members

Identify and undertake the process of mapping out tasks to offshore

Describe the tools and methods used to create a global culture for your firm

Explain what a successful conversation framework is and why meeting rhythms and check-ins
are important

Identify the measurements of success for your global office

Understand what training is provided to team members, as well as your
local staff

Outline the key performance, employee and leave policies for your global team members

Explain where you would go for support regarding business process or team members

Identify any system requirements for your new team members

If you are unable to attend one of our virtual sessions, you may like to take this course online, self-paced.

Please speak to your Client Relationship Manager about this option.