RISHI RAM: How the TOA Global Accelerator Program helped build an offshore team

Rishi Ram, partner at Optima Accountants, talks to us about setting up his offshore team, how he went about the offshoring process, and hiring a candidate from the TOA Global Accelerator Program. Optima Accountants is an independent accounting firm offering professional accounting services to individuals and business owners. The practice is based in Spring Hill, … Read more

SAEED MIRZAKHANI: The sky’s the limit when it comes to your offshore team

Saeed Mirzakhani, founding partner at CharterNet Advisers, chats with us about the motivation to start building an offshore team, hiring candidates from the TOA Global Accelerator Program, and having a people strategy. CharterNet Advisers provides business and tax advisory services to emerging and fast-growth businesses. The practice is based in Sydney, New South Wales. TOA … Read more

GARETH BRYANT: Debunking myths about outsourcing

Gareth Bryant, CEO of Interactive Accounting, talks to us about objections he’s heard about outsourcing, plans to keep building his offshore team’s capability and performance, and how offshoring is benefitting his clients. Interactive Accounting prides itself on being an advisory-first accounting firm, with a focus on early-stage and high-growth businesses. The practice is based in … Read more

James Devenny: The right approach to make outsourcing successful

James Devenny, co-founder of Devenny Payne, chats with us about the firm’s experience when they first tried outsourcing, the lessons they learned, and how these put things into better perspective and helped them build a better offshore team the second time around. Devenny Payne focuses on helping clients run their business more intelligently through a holistic approach to achieve growth. The practice is based in Victoria, Australia.   TOA Global Podcast · James Devenny: The right approach to make … Read more

Aly Garrett and Lee Duffield: Outsourcing as a catalyst for holistic business growth

Aly Garrett and Lee Duffield of All In Advisory walk us through their experience hiring an offshore team, what they put in place to make sure both offshore and local team members would benefit from their decision to outsource, and how it has resulted in business growth. All In Advisory offers innovation and business advisory expertise, making it a recognized leader in the tourism industry and cloud revolution space. The practice is based in Kent … Read more

CHARLOTTE BUNGARD: Building a successful global team

Charlotte Bungard, general manager of Interactive Accounting, chats with us about steps her firm has taken to ensure outsourcing was going to be successful, interview screening questions, and appointing a local leader for the global team. Interactive Accounting helps its clients build more scalable businesses using cloud-based technology for their given industry. The firm has … Read more

SAM ROTBERG: Best practices for managing local and offshore teams

Sam Rotberg, director at Alexander Spencer, talks to us about the importance of building a strong team culture between the local and offshore team members, creating a work system that works for both, and what he has learned about outsourcing from TOA Global. Alexander Spencer offers a full range of business services to assist organizations with their accounting, taxation, and financial needs. The practice is based in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.  TOA Global Podcast · … Read more

JENNIE MOORE: Overcoming unconscious bias about outsourcing

Jennie Moore, founder of Moore Details Inc., talks to us about getting past an unconscious bias surrounding outsourcing, expanding her practice’s capacity by hiring global team members, and her experience with TOA Global’s recruiting process. Moore Details Inc. helps organizations adapt their accounting systems to the cloud via boot camp-style coaching. The practice is based … Read more

KRISTEN LOVETT: The task of finding and attracting qualified staff

Kristen Lovett, founder and director of Klas Business + Accounting, chats with us about how outsourced accounting has helped her add qualified staff to her team, how she measures success in a global team, and how offshoring has benefited her clients. Klas Business + Accounting advises clients in time, wealth, life balance, tax minimisation, and … Read more

JONATHAN & SHANNON BADGER: Global and local teams are pretty similar

Husband-and-wife team Jonathan and Shannon Badger of Badger CPA talk with us about what led them to embark on their outsourcing journey, the quality of candidates they’ve encountered in partnering with TOA Global, and what an increase in capacity has meant for their business and for them personally. Badger CPA primarily focuses on small to … Read more