GARETH BRYANT: Debunking myths about outsourcing

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Gareth Bryant, CEO of Interactive Accounting, talks to us about objections he’s heard about outsourcing, plans to keep building his offshore team’s capability and performance, and how offshoring is benefitting his clients. Interactive Accounting prides itself on being an advisory-first accounting firm, with a focus on early-stage and high-growth businesses. The practice is based in Sydney, New South Wales.


  • The motivation to start building an offshore team
  • Advice for building a global team
  • Training offshore team members
  • Tips for managing an offshore team


On deciding to build a global team:

The absolute No. 1 criteria was that they were going to be our people. There were going to be part of our team and not resources for hire, where we could just say, ‘Oh, we need two accountants or a bookkeeper for 20 hours a week’ and then be split across between us and other companies. We have really high-touch relationships with our clients. We offer a really high level of service to them. And therefore, there’s a lot of context and knowledge that people who work with us need to have.

On hiring an offshore team member:

We made sure there was lots of training and then early stuff, like very simple company financial reports and tax returns, individual tax returns, and making sure that we were able to build their confidence and make them feel comfortable. That was our absolute No. 1 goal, not to throw people in the deep end.

On the value of an offshore team:

We want to be able to deliver for people. If we say we’re going to do something by a certain time, we want to be able to do it. What our offshore team has created is bandwidth to enable our local team to be more in touch with our clients, to have a higher-touch relationships.

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