CAROLINE ATONIO: Getting Ahead Of The Game With Offshoring

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Success stems from the desire to continuously provide value for your clients. Caroline Atonio of Ashfords Accountants shared with us how they got ahead of the game by embracing innovation and moving to the cloud. She also talks about the value of investing time in getting to know your offshore team members as well as laying out solid foundations for processes and systems to make sure that everything works out efficiently.


  • Moving into the cloud
  • Getting ahead of the game
  • Becoming more client-facing
  • Growing the firm to provide additional services
  • Ensuring the right processes and procedures are put in place


“On the value of having an offshore team: “Helping us create value for our clients, to increase services rather than just reduced costs.”

“It’s all about creating value for our clients.”

On misconceptions about offshoring: “It’s taking away Australian jobs. That surprises me. Because since we’ve started offshoring 3 years ago, our firm has grown both offshore and onshore.”

“Get over there. Get to know your team members. Get to know their culture. Understand what motivates and drives them. Bring them to you.”

“I talk every day to my team members via Skype and it’s very similar with what I do here with my team. Making them feel part of the team is really important in managing that relationship.”

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