DOMINIC ROLLERSON: Outsourcing motivations and expectations

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Dominic Rollerson, Business Services Director at McKinley Plowman in Perth, discusses how his company utilizes an offshore team. McKinley Plowman offers services in accounting, taxation, wealth, pension transfer, finance, and business improvement and has an offshore team working in most of these areas as well. Dominic describes how offshoring is very similar to onshoring teams despite common myths.


  • Motivations in beginning offshoring
  • Outsourcing vs. offshoring
  • Expectations of team members
  • Decreasing turnaround time on projects
  • Growing your team and business


On misperceptions about offshoring:

It will be slower and the quality won’t be as good. As long as you put in the time and training on there, that’s really a myth.

On how offshoring benefits clients:

Improved turnaround times. We’re able to get our turnaround times well within what we communicate to clients.

Our previous experience on outsourcing was-hand the job over to someone and you get an indifferent product back. Whereas offshoring was quite different, it’s a team member who just happens to sit in another office.

Have exactly the same expectations between your local team in Australia and your offshore team and use exactly the same systems.

On growing your business or team:

Hire for personality, train for functionality.

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