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Free eBook: A Comprehensive Breakdown of the CPA Shortage

A Decade of Lessons: Decoding the Accounting Talent Crisis | 2024 Research Report
talent crisis accountant shortage toa global
talent crisis accountant shortage

Safeguard Your Firm Against the Volatile Talent Market

It’s a strange time to be in the accounting profession. On the one hand, the demand for accounting services is skyrocketing but on the other, the number of qualified professionals is on a nosedive.

Does your firm have the capacity to take on the increasing demand? Do you have a strategy to tackle the shrinking talent market?

Examine the accountant shortage at a more granular level and discover the proven strategies that have helped 1,100+ firms worldwide grow, thrive, and bridge the talent gap.

This eBook Dives Into:

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how to efficiently implement workflow automation and AI toa global (1)
the big 4 talent war toa global (1)
effective recruitment and retention strategies toa global (1)
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Free eBook: A Comprehensive Breakdown of the CPA Shortage