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3 Characteristics of a Real-Time Accountant

3 Characteristics of a Real Time Accountant

Real-Time Accountants Know How to Utilise the Cloud Technology
We are living in an internet-driven world and almost everything is being done online. Real-time accountants are not afraid of digital disruption; they look for ways to leverage the technology. Perhaps the main advantage of cloud technology is the real-time information that can be accessed by two or more parties, allowing for real-time collaboration. Now who doesn’t like accountants who follow up quickly and give updates from time to time?

Real-Time Accountants Embrace the Idea of Offshoring 
Building an offshore team in developing countries is both efficient and effective. First of all, there is a large pool of talent overseas and they are totally qualified for their respective tasks. For example, the Philippines, which has similar time zone as Western Australia, has globally competitive workers with good command of the English Language. Also, labour costs in developing countries like the Philippines are relatively inexpensive, but you’ll be surprised with their quality of work as you get MORE than what you pay for.

Real-Time Accountants Add Value to Their Clients 
Lastly, real-time accountants are proactive in offering value added services like business advisory. More than processing the minimum work, they deliver advisory services. They focus on clients, not revenue. They don’t just talk numbers; instead, they paint the bigger picture to let you understand HOW these numbers affect your financial condition and your firm’s future.

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