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Client Spotlight: How Outsourcing Enables Ashfords To Grow Consistently With High-Performance

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To offer additional services to clients and to find and hire people with different skill sets. These are the two main reasons why Ashfords started outsourcing and they found that the Philippines is an ideal solution.   

Let’s take a look at Ashfords’ outsourcing journey.

Meet Richard Vaughan

Richard Vaughan is a Financial Adviser and Partner at Ashfords in Melbourne, Australia. As a full-service firm, the business provides accounting and business services, audit and financial planning, wealth management, superannuation, and bookkeeping.

From seven team members, Ashfords now has 13 offshore staff in Clark as of May 2017. Two of whom have been part of their business for almost two years now. “We treat them as part of our business. They are just another staff member, working in an office that’s a bit further away,” said Richard.

On Their Offshoring Journey

Before coming to the Philippines, Ashfords had previously offshored in India. Here they had mixed results and issues around culture, time zones, and quality of work. With that experience, they actually stopped doing any offshoring for a couple of years. As they investigated, they had a better understanding of how the Philippines and the Filipino staff fitted better within their business.

“Our Philippines team are outstanding. Their language skills are a lot better. The time zone is a lot more friendly to work within our business and their quality of work has been exceptional. They’re very well qualified and they love what they do.”

Richard Vaughan

Communication is an important aspect in outsourcing and this has always been an important aspect for Ashfords, “When we interview for a new team member at TOA, we actually concentrate on the language skills and communication. It’s important that they have an understanding of what we’re trying to put across and if I’ve got any concerns they can come back to us anytime,” said Richard.

He has great confidence that the Filipino staff is very much qualified for the positions they were looking for as they possess university degrees and high standard of work experience. In addition to this, he made sure that they fit in with the Australian culture and that they can communicate well with the team onshore through intensive training and development.

The Benefits Of Offshoring

Richard has been very impressed and grateful to how The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) has helped Ashfords establish and grow the business. Through outsourcing, it allows them to offer new services to clients, ones that they haven’t offered before.

But, the best way that TOA helped them resolve their issue is by recruiting the best team members who work diligently and have very high quality of work that gives clients the best results.

Benefits of Outsourcing with TOA

At TOA, we pride ourselves in maintaining strong working relationships with our clients. Coming from various business challenges and visions, we have compiled here testimonials of their success stories on offshoring with us.  

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