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Why Accounting Staffing is so Hard and How to Fix it?

March 27, 2024 | 2-3 PM CST 

Save Your Firm from the Accounting Talent Crunch

Need extra accountants at your firm? Struggling to find qualified candidates to fill the roles? Don’t wait until that need becomes a crisis!

Join our webinar to obtain actionable insights into the accounting talent crisis, including proven strategies to mitigate its impact on your accounting firm.

Leading the webinar will be TOA Global CEO, Nick Sinclair. Under Nick’s leadership, TOA has helped thousands of international accounting firms overcome recruitment and understaffing challenges.

Key Takeaways

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What’s driving the shortage in accounting recruiting

What can be done to fix the accounting staffing shortage

Traditional ways of recruiting talent vs. outsourcing

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And more actionable insights!


Nick Sinclair, TOA Global CEO 

Accounting industry specialists, Nick and his team at TOA Global have helped more than 1,000 international accounting firms grow their capacity. Nick is regularly invited to talk on effective people management and global talent strategies as solutions in labor-tight markets, drawn from his experience and conversations with accountants and firm owners from around the world.  

TOA Global is the leading offshore talent and staffing solutions provider exclusive to the accounting industry.  

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