ANDREW HAYNES: Outsourcing as an opportunity to create more jobs

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Andrew Haynes, founder of Kindred Accounting, shares with us how he developed his offshore strategy, why his offshore team is the right fit for his business and the opportunities that outsourcing can bring not just to business owners but also to team members. Kindred Accounting help business owners handle cash flow so they can make a tidy profit and enjoy more freedom. The practice is based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.


  • Gaining valuable time
  • Transparency with clients
  • What’s needed to get the offshore team up and running
  • Changing business dynamics in accounting


On doing research as the first step to outsourcing journey:

I’m a researcher. Before I decide on something, I need to read the reviews, listen to podcasts, talk to people and assess all the options. I went through this process when I started my outsourcing journey. I even talked to vendors when I attended an expo, and all roads led back to TOA. The feedback was TOA is the best in this field.

On being transparent with clients:

We’re absolutely open to them about our offshore team. It would not have felt right keeping it quiet. I wanted our clients to know who’s touching their work and how we’re handling it. We also featured our offshore team on our team website page, so it’s completely transparent.

On how he achieved better work-life balance:

Six months into our TOA journey, we welcomed twins into the world. So that was a big, big change in our personal lives. At that time, I had two offshore team members and I don’t know how we would have gotten through it all without their help.

On how he perceives outsourcing as a business owner:

It’s just a shift in the way we do business as accountants. I would always want to have a local team, but the roles are changing in the way we train new accountants. And we need to adjust to that new dynamic. Outsourcing also means that you are growing a business and creating jobs for people in the Philippines. I think that deserves just as much applause as creating jobs here because we’re all equal and we’re all in this together.

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