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Top 5 Accounting Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

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Regardless of where you are in your accounting or bookkeeping career, whether you’re a neophyte, industry veteran, or practice owner, there’s an endless stream of accounting podcast options that cater to varying audiences and address different needs.

However, with over 2 million active podcasts, the sheer range of choices can be overwhelming.

So, to help you narrow down your options, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best accounting podcasts anyone in the financial industry should listen to in 2024.

Here are the Top 5 Podcasts for Accountants Right Now

1. Accounting Leaders Podcast By Stuart McLeod


Hosted by Karbon co-founder and CEO, Stuart McLeod, the Accounting Leaders Podcast gives its listeners a rare glimpse into the lives, minds, and hearts of the industry’s top brass.

Whether you’re an executive looking to learn from other executives or simply gain a better understanding of what drives the industry’s top leaders, experts, and decision-makers, the Accounting Leaders Podcast will give you precisely that and more.

2. Accounting Salon Conversations By Amanda Aguillard, CPA

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Unlike many accounting podcasts that offer a more granular view of specific aspects of the accounting profession, the Accounting Salon Conversations podcast takes a more general approach.

Amanda Aguillard interviews the brightest minds in the accounting and bookkeeping industry about a wide range of issues, including federal tax updates, work-life balance, remote work, accounting trends, and other relevant topics.

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3. Aly & Andrew’s All Aussie Accounting Adventures

aly and Andrew

Aly & Andrew’s All Aussie Accounting Adventures podcast proves that accounting and bookkeeping conversations don’t have to be dull. With their fun and easy-going personalities, Aly and Andrew dissect the inner workings of running a successful accounting business.

Their episode about TOACon and transformation perfectly demonstrates how the duo turns serious topics and insightful discussions into relatable, friendly conversations.

4. Future Firm Podcast With Ryan Lazanis, CPA

Future Firm Podcast

Through the Future Firm Podcast, Ryan Lazanis shares his knowledge on leveraging cloud technology to accelerate business growth. Armed with his experience of successfully scaling his 100% cloud-based accounting practice, he now helps fellow accountants build and grow their own modern, scalable firms.

If you’re looking to future-proof your firm, this accounting podcast could give you the boost you need.

5. TOA Global Podcast

TOA publisher logo

As a global leader in accounting outsourcing services, TOA Global’s podcast focuses on offshore accounting and other related topics.

On top of shedding light on the immense benefits of hiring outsourced accountants, they also tackle industry issues, updates, and trends and highlight inspiring success stories. TOA uses this podcast to provide a platform for practices that have successfully scaled their teams and accelerated their firm’s growth through outsourced accounting.

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Don’t Just Listen, Act

For busy professionals like accountants and bookkeepers, podcasts are a quick, accessible source of industry information.

However, it’s one thing to be a passive listener. Engaging with peers and turning insights into action are different things altogether. And unfortunately, those are opportunities podcasts can’t provide.

Enter TOACon 2024—a one-of-a-kind annual conference for accountants, bookkeepers, firm owners, and anyone in the financial sector looking to elevate their professional and personal lives.

With Boracay Island, Philippines as its backdrop topped by an impressive lineup of world-class speakers, TOACon 2024 is the event to be for actionable accounting insights and community engagement while reinvigorating yourself on a well-deserved break in paradise.

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