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TOA Global enters strategic partnership with Freshmethod

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New partnership to cut IT cost and complexity in Australian accounting community 

TOA Global has joined forces with IT accounting provider Freshmethod to deliver innovative cloud accounting workflow and technology strategies to meet the demand for comprehensive finance and accounting services across Australia  

The partnership is an exciting opportunity for TOA Global, as Freshmethod specialises in providing a straight-line, cloudward strategy that can lower IT costs by up to 75%. The IT provider also works exclusively for accounting firms, which makes it an expert when it comes to tailoring solutions that address the challenges unique to the industry 

Accounting firms are going through a technology revolution in the wake of the biggest disruption to the 9-to-5 office week we’ve seen in a generation. We want to make sure TOA’s clients have the right IT strategy to take advantage of the opportunities this brings,” says Jamie Beresford, founder of Freshmethod 

By leveraging Freshmethod’s IT expertise, TOA will be able to help firm owners utilise a robust platform that allows them to spend more time working on the business instead of being reactively caught up solving IT problems. They are also expected to benefit from new industry technology efficiencies through this partnership. 

“We’re very fortunate to partner with Freshmethod, a like-minded organisation that focuses on delivering and servicing the accounting industry to the highest possible standard. Through their work, we know they can help reduce our clients’ IT costs by up to 75%. We came across the excellent service they were providing to a few of our firms, and it just made sense to make this an official partnership for 2021,” says Trent McLaren, VP of Client Success at TOA Global. 

Freshmethod has helped more than 652 Australian accounting firms cut the complexity of traditional IT, given that its approach is built around three core elements: faster response times, cloud-focused technology, and a strong pool of accounting IT experts. 

“We are delighted to formalise this partnership and have the opportunity to add even more mutual value to the global accounting profession,” adds Jamie.  

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