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TOA Global partners with ApprovalMax for cloud-based approval workflow service

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Automated approval process to bring efficiency, transparency and business growth  

TOA Global and cloud-based approval workflow solution provider ApprovalMax have formed a new partnership to help firms take a more efficient and automated approach to accounts payable and receivable tasks.  

Together, TOA and ApprovalMax aim to eliminate bottlenecks that come with manual or email-based approvalsWith ApprovalMax software, clients can fully automate their accounts payable function to receive, review, and approve invoices based on workflow settings they can control. It also simplifies auditsenables client collaboration, and provides access to financial data and documents anywhere and at any time since it is cloud-based 

With swift approvals and better visibility and control over important financial processes and data, finance teams would be able to easily manage financial operations and support their company’s growth 

“Success is determined by the right allocation of resources. That’s what ApprovalMax and TOA have in common: they help accounting firms to optimise resource allocation and achieve maximum efficiency. TOA does this by allowing firms access to a global talent pool and outsource their administrative functions. By providing remote automated accounts payable approvals and enabling both better controls and operational confidence, ApprovalMax underpins the integrity of such outsourced functions,” says Sahil Malhotra, Partner Account Manager of ApprovalMax 

The partnership is the latest step in TOA Global’s commitment to client success. 

Our TOA team is on a mission to help empower and enable our team members to work more efficiently with their clients in both Australia and North America. Technology plays a huge role in our strategy to help deliver thisWe’re excited to announce our partnership with ApprovalMax on the back of seeing wide adoption of their solution amongst our customers. We think it’s a no-brainer and can’t wait to see what else can come of the relationship,” says Trent McLaren, VP of Client Success at TOA. 

About TOA Global 

Founded in 2013, TOA Global is a fast-growing outsourcing service provider for accountants and bookkeepers. With more than 1,800 team members supporting more than 600 accounting firms across the globe, TOA Global has become one of the largest employers of accountants and bookkeepers in the Philippines. With offices in the Philippines, Australia, U.S.A. and Canada, TOA Global is equipped to support the needs of a diverse global group of accounting and bookkeeping firms looking to grow their teams and scale their practices. By focusing on providing firms with dedicated offshore talent, TOA Global helps address the most common pain points faced by accounting and bookkeeping firms today, including capacity, profitability, people and time.  

About ApprovalMax 

ApprovalMax operates globally and serves small and medium-sized businesses as well as accounting and financial services outsourcing practices. It replaces paper- and email-based approval routing with fully automated multi-role and multi-tiered approval workflows to ensure full transparency, spend control and regulatory compliance for both internal accounting and financial services outsourcing organisations.