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CPAs receive free CPD training as part of International Accounting Day celebrations in TOA Global

CPD Training

CLARK, Pampanga—Nearly 250 accountants are updating their skills to serve Australian and U.S. accounting practices better, as part of this year’s International Accounting Day celebration in TOA Global, one of the largest private sector employers of accountants in the Philippines.  
Certified public accountants (CPAs) with TOA Global Clark, Manila, and Tarlac completed the training last October 20-21 and 26-27. Their colleagues in Cebu will have their CPD training on November 17-18 and December 1-2, 2023.  
The free training is conducted by the Ab² Institute of Accounting, using modules that the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) has accredited as CPD units.  

It’s intended to make it much easier for accountants within TOA Global to keep their PICPA membership current and stay up to date on taxation, accounting standards and other essential industry knowledge for working with global clients. 
As the business serves international accounting practices, the training content provided is specific to the region where our CPAs’ clients operate. CPAs working with North American clients, for instance, will get updates on: 

  • preparing tax documentation for legal entities; 
  • gathering and analyzing data relevant to different clients’ tax positions; and  
  • verifying client, organizational, and legislative requirements, among others. 

“Being part of TOA Global has helped me upskill, especially in Australian taxation matters,” said Clareich Sazon, CPA. “I can apply this to my client’s needs. This has helped me execute tasks without the need for additional client instructions, which helps me stay efficient.”  
Access to training opportunities has honed her skills and helped her complete tasks more efficiently, ahead of her deadlines, said Ria Maristel Lapuz, CPA. “Clients always commend us for how fast and effectively we work. They love Filipino accountants.”  
Another participant said he looked forward to accountants “being viewed as leaders and decision-makers, as more transactional work gets automated.” He recalled receiving helpful feedback from international clients about the work that his financial statements preparation team in Manila had accomplished, “which brought more value to our entire team”, both onshore and offshore.   
TOA Global and Ab² Institute of Accounting signed a partnership agreement with PICPA in July, as part of the Accountancy Week Celebration.  

“We believe in training, and we believe in advancing careers,” TOA Global Founder and CEO Nick Sinclair said.  
“What do accounting firms need to be successful? What do our team members, who are professionals, need to succeed? We need to help them both succeed, and we know that training is a fundamental piece to be able to do what we do.”

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