The Modern Accountant {Infographic}

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What Makes A Good Accountant Today?

The accounting profession is evolving, with new knowledge, tools and strategies being required on a daily basis.  The modern accountant draws from a mix of hard and soft skills to deliver value to clients and stakeholders.

Hard Skills


You see the big picture and can identify key patterns and themes in order to arrive at your chosen path. 


You are at home crunching large volumes of data to validate assumptions and make decisions. 


You value accuracy and can spot a transposed numeral or a missing decimal place from a mile away.


You’re able to keep large numbers of documents, deadlines and files organized so you can maximise your productivity.


The accounting profession has moved from a time-driven industry to a results-driven one.  You focus on results.  


Your strong subject-matter expertise allows you to provide accurate, relevant and valuable advice to clients. 

Soft Skills


You act with a bulletproof sense of ethics at all times, valuing honesty, trustworthiness and confidentiality above all else. 


You understand that behind the figures are real people, businesses and livelihoods that you are working to support.


You can communicate even complex or unfamiliar ideas in a way that empowers people to take action. 


You have a thirst for learning which drives you to acquire new and different skills and knowledge to become more valuable.


You’re adept at working with colleagues across the hall or across the world to deliver a superb result.


You’re able to lead and inspire your colleagues with your insight, experience and innovation. 

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