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Meet the TOA Global Team at Class Ignite 2024 | Get Connected

18 – 19 September 2024

The Hilton Sydney

Is your firm equipped to handle the growing demand for SMSF expertise?

The rising need for skilled SMSF accountants creates a talent gap for many firms. At TOA, we’re committed to bridging this gap. We go beyond just outsourcing – we also empower SMSF accountants with invaluable industry knowledge.

That’s why we’re a Platinum Sponsor of Class Ignite 2024. This premier event equips SMSF accountants with actionable insights and strategies to thrive in today’s dynamic market. Attendees can expect forums on key trends, network with industry experts, and earn valuable CPD hours.

Discover the extensive global expertise in SMSF.
By outsourcing skilled SMSF accountants, you can:

Access top SMSF talent worldwide for smooth compliance across standards

Handle large volumes efficiently and cut down costs compared to an in-house team

Stay ahead of complex
and ever-changing SMSF regulations

Scale your resources up or down to match your fluctuating client needs

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Meet the TOA Global Team at the Class Ignite 2024 | Get Connected event on
18-19 September 2024 at The Hilton Sydney.
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