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How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Accounting?

The Short Answer:

In 2024, the cost of hiring an outsourced accountant can vary from $500 per month to $10,000 per month, and it depends on a wide variety of factors that we explore below. For example, the price of a junior accountant will be lower than the price of a specialised senior accountant, and the price of a local Australian accountant will be higher than a qualified accountant from a global talent solution provider.

The Actual Answer:

Hiring an outsourced accountant for your firm is one of the fastest ways to increase client satisfaction and enhance efficiency. Outsourced accountants can complement your existing team and add additional flexible resources to help your firm overcome the industry-wide talent shortage. Yet, investigating the cost of adding an outsourced accountant to your team can seem overwhelming at first.

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We’ve designed a simple calculator to enable you to understand the cost of hiring a highly skilled, dedicated, outsourced accountant for your firm. Click here to get started.

Increase your capacity without bloating your costs

Remember: Reduced salary costs are only a small fraction of the total cost savings your firm can expect from integrating a global accounting team based in the Philippines. An experienced, qualified global team of accountants can enable your firm to focus on higher-value services and increase billable hours without expanding your operating costs.

Disclaimer: The prices estimated by this calculator are provided as general guidance only. Actual costs may vary based on the specific requirements of your firm. Prices are subject to change due to regular market and service fluctuations. Philippine pricing includes government mandated benefits and TOA Global management fees. At TOA Global, we’re committed to transparent pricing. For a precise quote, please book a call with our team today.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Outsourcing Accounting?

Local Accountant or Global Talent Accountant

Will you be targeting a higher return on investment by leveraging highly skilled global talent based in the Philippines? Or do you need to hire an outsourced accountant in your current Australian city?

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Freelance Accountant or Dedicated Outsourced Team Member

Do you require a dedicated team member to add permanent capacity to your firm, or will hiring a freelance accountant for a few hours meet your firm’s needs?

Junior Accountant or Senior Accountant

How much experience does your firm require in an outsourced accountant? Do you have the capacity to deliver extensive training to new team members?

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Why Outsource Accounting:


Scale faster and grow your firm


Enhance client experience and efficiency


Save on office space, equipment, and utilities


Recover hours to advise clients

office building

Respond to changing market conditions


Add diverse experience and skill sets

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Would you prefer to speak with a dedicated Account Executive? Book your personalised strategy call now at a time that aligns with your schedule.

Your guide to outsourcing for accounting firms

For over 10 years, TOA Global has connected forward-thinking accounting firms with elite accounting talent from the Philippines. We understand its cultural, professional, and regulatory environment well and look forward to helping you unlock sustainable growth for your practice. Ask us about outsourcing today.

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