Great accounting firms need great accounts administrators

Our skilled accounts administrators = your dedicated resources

TOA Global administrators make administration their focus so you can concentrate on growing and managing your firm and clients. Decide which roles, skills or tasks you want outsourced and your TOA team will then work for you in all facets of recruitment, onboarding, training and retention.

Experienced accounts administration staff, just a click away.

Meet A TOA Team Member

Meet Edlyn Canda, an Accounting Administrator and manager. She graduated from Holy Angel University in Pampanga, with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. 

Edlyn works for a Canada-based firm, and the difference in time zone means she needs to start her day at 10 p.m. The first thing she does is attend the daily status meeting with her team, where they go over what needs to be completed that day and update each other on projects. Edlyn is a stickler for deadlines, so she considers their daily huddle an important aspect to minimizing any divergence from their planned goals and priorities. It also helps her to get more work done in less time because she knows what she should be doing at any given time. 

Speed and efficiency are two traits that allow Edlyn to thrive in her role. And the results she brings are always the same: higher productivity and a higher quality of work. 

Why wouldn’t you want someone like Edlyn on you team?

Accounting Administrator and Manager - Edlin

What you get with a TOA Accounts Administrator

Our skilled administrative staff can take on a number of your team’s daily financial tasks, freeing up time for you to focus on high-level business functions.

Your remote administrative team member will manage your company’s accounts payable and receivable, review and reconcile accounts, process payments to external partners and maintain updated records of invoices and receipts.

Ultimately, our administrators will ensure that your accounting department is running smoothly, ensuring transparency and efficiency in all transactions.

Responsibilities your remote administrator can take on include:

  • Bank Processes

    Processing bank deposits and preparing bank deposits
  • Data Entry

    Entering financial transactions into internal databases and keeping these up to date, creating and updating expense reports, identifying and addressing discrepancies
  • Bookkeeping

    Preparing, sending and storing invoices; maintaining digital and physical financial records; contacting clients and sending reminders to ensure timely payments; submitting tax forms; reporting on the status of accounts payable and receivable; managing obligations to suppliers, customers and third-party vendors
  • Payroll

    Reviewing and filing payroll documents
  • Auditing and Reconciliation

    Reconciling financial statements, participating in quarterly and annual audits

Qualifications and skills

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All of our accounts administration staff are highly skilled and access in-house training at Ab2 Accounting Institute to stay on top of their game.

Typical qualifications and experience includes:

  • +Experience

    Work experience as an Accounts Administrator or in a similar role
  • +Degree

    Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or a relevant field
  • +Software

    Hands-on experience with MS Excel and accounting software, including QuickBooks
  • +Knowledge

    Knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and debt collection regulations
  • +Regulations

    Familiarity with financial regulations
  • +Data Entry

    Solid data entry skills with an ability to identify numerical errors
  • +Time management

    Good organizational and time-management abilities

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