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Meet Edlyn, one of our talented administrators

As a global talent solutions provider for the accounting industry, we are a people business at our core. That’s why we get to know every member of our talented outsourced accounting team.


Team members like Edlyn

Aptly placed within a Canadian firm, Edlyn Canda is efficient and dedicated. She’s known professionally as both a stickler for deadlines and getting the job done right. But we also know her personally as an incredibly conscientious person who always keeps her team’s best interests close to heart.

Her career as an accounting administrator and manager started when she graduated from Holy Angel University in Pampanga (PH), with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. Speed and efficiency are two traits that allow Edlyn to thrive in her role. And the results she brings are always the same: higher productivity and a higher quality of work.

We’ve helped Edlyn find her firm; who can we find for yours?


Let’s build your highly skilled global bookkeeping team

People, platforms, and places: these are the three areas we invest heavily in and they underpin all that we do to keep your firm’s success our focus. TOA Global’s framework works in a mutually beneficial collaboration, giving of our best in our ongoing platform development, our first-rate offices suites and fundamental investment into our people, to help you build a thriving accounting or bookkeeping business.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur at a small start-up or managing a larger accounting firm, we’re able to fill any vacancies you may find yourself facing, enabling you to improve on your offering while experienced accounts administrators like Edlyn handle your daily admin tasks.

What do our administrators do

Onboarding an administrator from TOA Global means that you aren’t just employing another team member; you’re gaining an invaluable partner. A partner who can take on a number of your team’s daily financial tasks, freeing up time for you to focus on high-level business functions.

Ultimately, our administrators exist to ensure that your accounting department is running smoothly, ensuring transparency and efficiency in all transactions. As such, they typically work with:

Marketing Coordinators Deep Purple 1

Bank Processes

Processing bank deposits and preparing bank deposits
Paraplanners Deep Purple 1

Data Entry

Entering financial transactions into internal databases and keeping these up to date, creating and updating expense reports, identifying and addressing discrepancies
Administrators Deep Purple 2


Reviewing and filing payroll documents

Auditor Deep Purple 1

Auditing and Reconciliation

Reconciling financial statements, participating in quarterly and annual audits
Accountants Deep Purple 1


Preparing, sending and storing invoices; maintaining digital and physical financial records; contacting clients and sending reminders to ensure timely payments; submitting tax forms; reporting on the status of accounts payable and receivable; managing obligations to suppliers, customers and third-party vendors

Collective brilliance means brilliant qualifications

Like all our accounts administrators, Edlyn stays on top of her skills using in-house training at Ab² Institute of Accounting. Typical qualifications and backgrounds include:

+ Experience

Work experience as an Accounts Administrator or in a similar role

+ Degree

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or a relevant field

+ Software

Hands-on experience with MS Excel and accounting software, including QuickBooks

+ Knowledge

Knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and debt collection regulations

+ Regulations

Familiarity with financial regulations

+ Data Entry

Solid data entry skills with an ability to identify numerical errors

+ Time management

Good organisational and time-management abilities

Join the collective brilliance

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At TOA, we enable accounting firms to do their best work by supplying resources from our team of top global talent

Accountants to handle accounting functions including sales invoicing, cashflows, payables and receivables, and data entry.
Chartered Professional Accountants who are ready to support your team with client-specific deliverables and tasks.

Our bookkeeping experts can help firms and organisations make better operating, investing and budgeting decisions.

Our EAs can help with day-to-day tasks like managing your calendar, office administration, travel arrangements and scheduling meetings.

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