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The Tortured Accountants Department: 20 Accounting Memes for the Emotionally Taxed

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The great thing about being an accountant is that you get bragging rights about how challenging the profession is.  

The best part? You can do it without being too subtle or overly in-your-face. Enter the scene: Accounting memes. 

Merriam-Webster might call memes “a genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media,” but trust us, explaining memes like that at a party won’t win you any friends. 

It’s not that serious. It’s that one piece of internet media, be it an image, text, or video, that takes your brain on vacation (since you know quite well that you can’t).

The ROI of Spreading Sheet(s)

We’ve all been there—getting bombastic side-eyed by coworkers when we break the office silence with a loud laugh over accounting jokes we found online. What’s a better way to unwind than some good mindless fun?    

Believe it or not, memes for accountants are potentially a strategic intangible asset for business growth. Studies by top institutions show that laughter benefits the bottom line; it boosts morale and reduces stress in the short term, while enhances immune function and employee satisfaction in the long run.

“Humor is not a talent. Humor is a habit.”

Those coworker “dad jokes” during tax season crunch time might just be their (unconventional; not insensitive) way of boosting morale. Take it from Daniel Sgroi who said, “forcing yourself to laugh can generate some of these effects [on productivity]” too. In simpler terms, just say that the joke was funny and call it a day; it’s cost neutral to be nice anyway.

“Laughter is disarming. Poke fun at the stuff everyone’s worried about.”

Alright, alright, we hear you. The self-care lectures can wait. You came for the self-deprecating, yet charmingly funny accountant memes. And by the balance sheet, that’s what you get! 

Here are 20 accounting memes to keep you from falling off a ledge(r):

1. Nope, I said what I said

Meme 1

2. That feeling when you’re born in the wrong generation


3. He’s cute, but I can’t fix him


4. Didn’t realise my accounting degree came in a bundle package


5. Nothing a good ol’ Flex Tape can’t repair


6. A glimpse into the dating life of CPAs


7. Can’t argue with that logic


8. The secret to beating the accounting crisis? Start them young


9. “I cry a lot, but I am so productive”


10. But did I lie, though?


11. They’re afraid of the power I’ll hold once I get ALT + TAB for excel sheets


12. I’m doing good, I’m on some new sheet(s)


13. Don’t talk to me; I’m young, rich, and well-traveled


14. Thanks, Bart! I won’t listen to your advice next time


15. Oh no! The world does NOT revolve around me?


16. “Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. But fashion is what propels us forward.” — Carrie Bradshaw


17. Because people pleasing is not an attractive trait


18. “Don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t warn you”


19. What goes around, comes back around


Quick temp check: Sold on the memes? Not quite your cup of tea? Hey, remember what we said about forced laughter having benefits too?

Accounting jokes are a great stress reliever, but a truly supportive work environment is the real game changer. And when we say support, we’re talking beyond the usual ping pong tables and pizza parties.

If your firm’s accounting staffing is outsourced, the process can be a balancing act. Distance and time differences can lead to miscommunication, burnout, or even security concerns.

If you’re looking into outsourcing accounting, research is key. How long has the outsourcing company been around? What kind of track record do they have with other firms?

Most importantly, are the employees happy?

“Over the past seven years, my journey with TOA Global has been nothing short of transformative. From my humble beginnings as a Junior HR Assistant, I've navigated through a mass of experiences that have shaped me both personally and professionally. Despite the chaotic backdrop of a global pandemic and the personal sorrow of losing a family member, each obstacle has only served to strengthen my resolve and deepen my appreciation for the opportunities afforded to me.”
“From job experiences to life insights and traveling tips, those are the topics that produced an echoing sound of the burst of laughter each of us had contributed earlier (aside from the good food of course). Thank you, TOA, Global, for being one of the workplaces that gave me a chance to meet lots of amazing people I now call friends.”
"As I commemorate my four-year work anniversary with TOA Global today, I'm deeply grateful for the journey and the invaluable guidance of my six exceptional mentors over these years, as well as my dedicated Admin & Facilities Team and esteemed colleagues from other departments. Together, Collective Brilliance was truly amplified, surmounting challenges and emerging stronger."

Before we forget, we’ll just leave the last one here…

20. Taking that one great leap of faith that changed your firm’s trajectory