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How to Establish Thought Leadership as an Accountant

How to Establish Thought Leadership as an Accountant

Be an Online Influencer

American computer software corporation Domo and conducted their Annual Social CEO Report, a research on world business leaders and their social media usage. One of their major findings is that a whopping 68% of CEOs have no online presence on any major social networking site (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Instagram). In the world of cloud technology, you should establish your online presence in order to be widely recognised. Social media can show your industry expertise, client engagement, and corporate brand. You don’t have to be like Mark Zuckerberg – the only Fortune 500 CEO present in all five major networks – though. At least consider Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as these are the current top 3 social media networks.

Have the Right Content

A content strategy is crucial to your marketing. Having the right content on your website or social media accounts can lead to 300% more conversions. If you have the content that helps your buyers at all stages, you will acquire more customers. When you understand your target persona, coming up with content ideas will be easy. You can create your own content, or curate and share content produced by others. Content Marketing is all about having the right solutions for your customers’ needs. When you satisfy their needs, you will become their ultimate resource in the industry.

Stay Updated With the Industry

In connection to having the right content, you should stay in the know about the industry in order to have an up-to-date content. Follow the right blogs and websites so you are well-informed with the latest industry issues, in case your clients query. It is important to know the challenges facing the industry and the global trends shaping its future. Your clients rely on your knowledge and expertise so you have to be proactive in dealing with changes happening in the accounting industry.

Expand Your Network

If you want to grow the value of your firm, you also have to grow your client base. One way to attract more clients and maintain existing ones is to render additional services like advisory. With the shifting environment in the accounting industry, fulfilling the role of an adviser presents a big opportunity for accountants. Consultative services maximise the value of your firm’s practice. When you diversify your services, you give them more reasons to engage. Thought leadership helps in building your reputation and drive results. If you want to become an authority in your industry, communicate it through these measures.

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