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Quiet quitting: How it’s affecting your firm and how you can turn it around

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Traditionally, the idea of focusing primarily on career goals and climbing the corporate ladder has been seen not only as commendably ambitious but also exemplary behaviour.

In more recent times, however, young professionals have increasingly switched focus and adopted a more modern mentality on their approach to work, preferring to focus more time on personal pursuits and adopt a healthier work-life balance instead of going the extra mile in their jobs

This work-to-rule attitude is not new, but it has made a significant enough comeback that it has effectively changed the workplace, and the concept is what’s now come to be referred to as quiet quitting.  

With this change in attitude becoming increasingly popular, business leaders of accounting firms are having to figure out how to use their teams’ time in the most productive ways and increasing responsibilities among workers, while still ensuring job satisfaction and, in turn, better profits.   

The solution lies in allowing workers to focus on the most important tasks by hiring global talent teams that can handle the routine tasks with a global talent solution provider such as TOA Global. 

Why global talent solutions providers work

Hiring a global accounting team enhances your employees’ efficiency and improves capacity, saving your business both time and money. It also gives you access to a more diverse skill set, allowing you to operate in the most efficient way possible while retaining your local employees and adding value to their work. This allows your business to continue to grow and strengthen. Evidence shows that the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8% and is projected to reach US$405.6 billion by 2027

With the “great resignation”, which saw a record number of workers leaving their jobs, business leaders have had to rethink what they have to offer their employees. It became very clear that implementing the necessary steps  to attract and retain top accounting talent is more important now than ever to ensure employee satisfaction.  

Finding the right accounting talent

A good way to find top talent is to expand the candidate pool, which can be difficult in the accounting industry because, globally, roles in the finance sector are some of the toughest to fill. This is why hiring qualified accountants from other countries, specifically the Philippines, is not only a viable option but a smart business decision. 

A global team can be used to fill numerous positions within an accounting firm. Accounting talent offered by global talent solutions providers ranges from financial services and any accounting functions such as bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, personal tax returns, and business tax returns, to executive assistant roles. 

Working with a diverse pool of qualified accountants gives you access to valuable resources that may not be locally available to employees. It also offers you the opportunity to hire employees who: 

  • Possess an exceptional combination of expertise, skills, and experience in accounting and bookkeeping. 
  • Boast extensive specialist knowledge. 
  • Provide better quality compliance work. 

The right accounting talent will allow you to utilize the skills and potential of your local team to achieve increased productivity and morale, while also allowing you to have a global team that can take on other, day-to-day tasks. This will save you time so you can focus more on scaling your business and relieves you of the fears of losing your valued human resources.

How we can help you retain talent and keep growing

TOA Global has been building and growing hundreds of global teams for years, and we are equipped with the knowledge to do the same for your firm even through uncertain times.  

We operate as an accounting department that’s both on-demand and to-scale, to help you by delivering highly-skilled professionals who can: 

  • Help you move away from a compliance model to a value-adding advisory. 
  • Allow you to delegate any previously self-driven day-to-day work to your new global team members.  
  • Relieve you of some of the pressures associated with talent shortages and competitors. 
  • Give you the time you need to focus on your core business and growth. 

TOA Global believes in improving lives by developing people through knowledge and experiences, so we offer solutions that not only help your firm grow but keep the team that works in it happy as well.

Prioritizing business growth and top talent retention

Global talent solutions providers allow firm owners to delegate lower-margin tasks to their offshore team so that their local team can achieve the work-life balance that is at the root of quiet quitting.  

The delegation of routine tasks to a global accounting team lightens the workload of your local team and mitigates the stress and pressures associated with feeling overworked and overwhelmed. When the workload of the day-to-day tasks is lightened, it allows business leaders to upskill workers, keep them motivated, and give them more responsibility by creating roles that require higher skills levels for them. With these new roles, comes increased pay, which leads to improved morale and increased job satisfaction.       

At TOA Global, we aim to amplify the collective human experience to positively change lives, careers, and communication. Our mission is to ensure that accounting business leaders feel confident in their firm’s growth and the talent they employ, and also that the teams whose work is vital to the firms’ growth are always developing their skills and feeling valued within the organization.

What we offer our global team members

Accountants and bookkeepers who join our team can expect to:    

• Build their careers with us through education opportunities more quickly.  

• Unlock human potential.   

• Work for top international accounting firms without leaving their home country.  

• Have access to facilities and resources built for them to thrive.  

• Be surrounded by the best accountants in the industry.  

Learn more about partnering with TOA Global today. Or, get in touch for a more in-depth chat about how to retain and grow top accounting talent.   

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