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US Tax Season 2024: Mapping Out Important Dates & Deadlines by The Month

US Tax Season 2024
Filing taxes is an annual grind that every accountant must go through, and each year it becomes tougher as the tax laws and regulations are changed. That’s why we created this tax season calendar to help accounting firms track deadlines. Let’s look at the vital tax due dates by the month.

January 2024

The official tax season started in January. In addition, it is also the deadline for the final quarterly payment for the 2023 tax year for self-employed individuals or individuals who received income without tax withholding.
JANUARY 16 Q4 2023 estimated tax payment due.
JANUARY 29 Beginning of the 2023 tax season.
JANUARY 31 The deadline for employers to submit W-2 Forms.
JANUARY 31 Certain 1099 forms are sent.

February 2024

FEBRUARY 15 Submit Form W-4 to claim exemption from withholding for 2024.

March 2024

MARCH 15 Taxes are due for certain business entities, such as partnerships,
multi-member LLCs, and S-Corporations.

April 2024

April is the busiest month of the year for accountants. For most, the deadline for filing federal and state income taxes is April 15, 2024, although some exemptions exist. We’ll go into more detail about the federal and state taxes below.
APRIL 1 Individuals who turned 73 in 2023 must take their first required minimum distribution (RMD).
APRIL 15 Deadline for contributing to individual retirement accounts (IRA) and health savings
account (HSA) for the 2023 tax year.
APRIL 15 Q1 2024 estimated tax payment due.
APRIL 15 Taxes for C-Corporations are due.
APRIL 15 Filing of Form 4868 to request a 6-month income tax return filing
extension (payment of tax not extended). To be submitted by paper or online.

June 2024

JUNE 17 Q2 2024 estimated tax payment due.
JUNE 17 Military personnel stationed outside the U.S. must file their 2023 tax return.
JUNE 17 Military personnel serving outside the U.S. can file Form 4868 to request a four-month
extension for filing their income tax return (extension does not apply to tax payment).

September 2024

SEPTEMBER 16 Q3 2024 estimated tax payment due.
SEPTEMBER 16 Deadline for extended partnership and S-corporation returns.

October 2024

OCTOBER 15 Deadline to file your extended 2023 tax return.
OCTOBER 15 Deadline for extended C-corporation returns.

December 2024

DECEMBER 31 Individuals aged 73 or older must take their required
minimum distributions by the end of 2024.

January 2025

JANUARY 15 Q4 quarter 2025 estimated tax payment due.
JANUARY 15 Q4 quarter 2024 estimated tax payment due.

Federal Tax Deadlines for 2023

For most, the deadline for filing an individual income tax return (Form 1040) for the tax year 2023 ended last April 15. If an extension was filed the new deadline will be extended to October 15. To get an automatic extension, submit Form 4868 on paper or online.

Note: It is important to remind clients that this extension only applies to the filing process and is not an extension to pay any taxes owed.

State Tax Deadlines for 2024

Meanwhile, while most states followed the federal deadline of April 15, some locations have a little more grace period. See which states below have different deadlines.


If you’re in a declared disaster area by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) the IRS issued a tax deadline relief. For most of these declared disaster areas the new deadline is June 17, while some locations are granted a further delay.

Tax Due Dates by State

Here’s a complete list of tax due dates by state:
State Filing Due Date
Alabama April 15
Arizona April 15
Arkansas April 15
California April 15
Colorado April 15
Connecticut April 15
Delaware April 30
Georgia April 15
Hawaii April 22
Idaho April 15
Illinois April 15
Indiana April 15
Iowa April 30
Kansas April 15
Kentucky April 15
State Filing Due Date
Louisiana May 15
Maine April 17
Maryland April 15
Massachusetts April 17
Michigan April 15
Minnesota April 15
Mississippi April 15
Missouri April 15
Montana April 15
Nebraska April 15
New Jersey April 15
New Mexico April 15
(April 30 if
filing electronically)
New York April 15
North Carolina April 15
State Filing Due Date
North Dakota April 15
Ohio April 15
Oklahoma April 15
(April 20 if
filing electronically)
Oregon April 15
Pennsylvania April 15
Rhode Island April 15
South Carolina April 15
Utah April 15
Vermont April 15
Virginia May 1
West Virginia April 15
Wisconsin April 15

Tips to Having a Smoother and Successful Tax Season

We get it; tax season can be overwhelming, but there are always measures that you can take to make it less stressful next year. Here are some tips we’d like to share with you to help your firm meet the tax deadlines effectively:

Encourage Your Clients to Be a Good Recordkeeper

Encourage clients to gather all their necessary tax documents beforehand. Advise them to dedicate a specific storage or digital folder for tax documents to ensure everything is within arm’s reach.

Stay in the Loop

Keep updated on the latest tax news that may affect your client’s situation.

Utilize Tax Preparation Software

Invest in tax preparation software to streamline the process and accuracy of your tax return.

Increase Your Capacity

Avoid getting your firm stuck in a quagmire of tasks by scaling up your team. Consider outsourced accounting services to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of service.

Take advantage of electronic filing options through the IRS Free File program or another state tax website.

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