3 Qualities Of A Global Accountant

Are you a real-time accountant? With the advancement in today’s technology, clients want reliable accounting solutions to keep up with the highly competitive market. According to accounting guru Rob Nixon, clients are looking for “real-time” services that are relevant and pre-emptive simply because redundant data offers no value. They usually get these from accountants who … Read more

PICPA 2017: Service, honesty, innovation and nation-building through education

Continuous development is an essential factor in advancing your career as accountants. To become a global accountant, one needs to strive for professional (and personal) development. The accounting landscape is changing everyday and it’s crucial for accountants to stay on top of these changes to provide quality services to clients. One of the ways to … Read more

TOA Global Team Building 2017 #TOAtogether3Years

True to its commitment to promoting camaraderie and awesome work-life balance, TOA Global held a one-day team building activity that took place on two separate dates and location for the Clark and Manila sites. The Clark team had their team building at Hotel Stotsenberg in Clark, Pampanga while the Manila group got together at Selah … Read more

“FesTOAval of Fairy Tales” Brings Kids On A Magical Fairy Tale Trip

On October 27, TOA Global celebrated Halloween on its Clark and Manila offices. Both sites were transformed into one big fairy tale book. This year’s theme was “FesTOAval of Fairy Tales” and it did become a festival that also put everyone in a competitive mood because it also served as a competition on designing the … Read more