ANDREW MATTNER: Creating Capacity To Facilitate Growth

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With a tagline of “Building a better business for a better life”, Andrew and Altitude Advisory need to have a laser-guided focus on meeting and even exceeding client expectations. But running a business advisory firm along with six other business segments which includes tax and accounting, financial planning, SMSF, and cloud integration with great potential for growth is not easy. So Andrew went to the Philippines, met with multiple offshoring providers, and decided to build his team with us. Now Altitude Advisory is reaping the benefits that a high-performing offshore team provides.


  • Meeting Offshore Providers Face To Face To Weigh In Options
  • Offshoring Success Means Three Words: Process, process, and process!
  • The Vital Need For Integration And Change Management
  • Why Bringing Your Offshore Team To Be With Your Local Team Is Essential
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys Will Help Improve Your Processes
  • How An Offshore Executive Assistant Change Andrew’s Life For The Better


“Turn your focus on execution. Get people around you to execute your ideas and execute them well.”

“Offshoring is risking local jobs is a fallacy and a counter-argument because we’ve hired more local team members because of our offshore team.”

“Get your processes right, standardised, and accountability should be in place.”

“My EA organises my life and is a huge help in keeping me on track.”

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