JOHN GELES: Increasing The Capacity To Deliver With Offshoring

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John Geles of Confidential Tax and Business Services talks with us about hiring offshore team members and how they are effectively integrated into the team. He describes how his company views offshore team members as integral to the business and how they have helped to increase the capacity of work delivered.


  • Expanding business operations
  • Reasons to hire an offshore team
  • Things to consider with offshoring
  • How offshoring helps retain onshore staff
  • Creating a sense of belonging with staff


Resistance from clients:

Our discussions with them are fairly simple, in the sense that it usually ends with us saying, ‘You would be crazy not to do it yourself.

Maintaining high performance culture:

Treat your offshore team exactly how you treat your onshore team. They are simply an extension of your practice, they are just not local.

How offshoring benefits clients:

We have less things falling through the cracks…now we have a much more appreciative client base.


We are good at telling other people what to do. And I thought you know what, if I was advising myself, this is what I’d tell myself. And instead of just making excuses, I decided to follow it.

Quick 5-in-5:

  • Cloud Software Used: MYOB
  • Favorite App: Loom
  • Must Read Each Week: Something non-business, non-work related
  • Favorite Social Media: Facebook
  • Favorite KPI: Days worked from home per week

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