MATTHEW MAY : Taking the First Steps of Offshoring

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Nick talks with Matthew May of Acuity on how offshoring plays a role in ensuring onshore employees and clients all have a great experience. Acuity covers multiple services – Controller, CFO, Bookkeeping, and Tax Compliance – and embraces working onsite with clients as well as working remotely. Matthew shares his thoughts on the similarities between offshore and onshore team members.


  • Retaining onshore team members by hiring offshore
  • Working with offshore teams
  • Inclusion of team members around the world
  • Growing quickly
  • Making mistakes


Retaining onshore team members:

The first thing we did was identify routine tasks that were creating stress or strain on our team members.

Managing a remote team:

It doesn’t matter where they are, you have to build community. We have weekly team meetings for all of our teams, regardless of where you are.

The ultimate kind of ah-ha moment is when you start talking to everybody in your offshore team about their families and their kids. I’ve been just struck by how not-different it is from hiring someone in the United States.

How offshoring benefits clients:

What it’s done for us is given us more ideas and challenged our notion of what’s possible with resources around the globe. Either from running a 24×7 support team for our clients or really challenging our notion of what things cost and where we can get good quality work for our clients, which is really all they want.

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